Inside of stainless coffee pot - help me clean it!

susan209February 11, 2007

I have a Starbuck's Barista coffee maker with the stainless steel carafe. The interior of the carafe is black with coffee stain/oils and I am sure coffee would taste better if this can be cleaned. I did it once and used so many products (some homemade) and then had to chisel out the rest of the black gunk in chips........IS THERE AN EASIER way? I had tried to find coffee pot/BREW cleaner at the grocery store and they tell me it's been discontinued. HELP!

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If you can get at the gunk....a soap filled SOS pad will do the job....but when you do get it clean this time...get a long handled glass sponge and give it a quick swish every time you wash the pot.
Your coffee sure will taste better in a clean pot...I can taste a dirty pot a mile away.
Have you tried white vinegar?...Perhaps TSP?
Linda C

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I use the Mr Clean magic eraser on our glass coffee carafe. It works like magic.

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My Cuisinart stainless steel pot looked the same way & I put it in the dishwasher & ran it thru a regular cycle and it came out sparkling clean. I couldn't believe it.

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Fill the pot with boiling water and add a few spoonfuls of powdered dishwasher detergent. Stir to dissolve soap. Let sit overnight and wipe off stains.

The coffee pot cleaner you find in stores is nothing more than dishwasher detergent.

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Don't know how it would work on stainless, but the way we always cleaned our thermos of coffee build-up was to put in a bit of baking soda, almost fill with hot to boiling water, then let it sit for a little while ... all the gunk comes off and floats up to the top ... pour it out, give it all a soapy rinse and you're done.

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You gals are the greatest..........I'll copy and try for sure!!!! Thanks a million. Did try the vinegar and the TSP and I do have a long bottle brush/sponge on the end (new variety). I'll welcome any more suggestions.

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Well, I am back with results.........I boiled enough water to fill the stainless pot and added a scoop of dishwasher powder (surely gel would work also) and let it sit overnight. The next morning the pot was absolutely sparkling and all of the 'crud and build-up' was gone. I washed the pot out with baking soda and water and it was ready to 'rock & roll'. Thanks ever so much for ideas, I do appreciate it and I am so, so glad that I posted.

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I always found that white vinegar works best, but next time try brewing the vinegar through the coffee maker instead of water (and obviously no coffee). Afterwords brew water through the machine a couple of times until the vinegar scent is gone. This has two advantages. Hot vinegar works faster than room temperature and it cleans out some of the deposits that build up in the machine as well as the stains on the caraff.

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I clean my stainless coffee pot with a small scoop of Oxy and fill it with hot warter. Let it sit for a couple hours and it comes out sparkling.

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I second (fourth, fifth?) the vinegar.

The carafe might still smell a little easter eggy, but you can get rid of that with a teaspoon of baking soda and warm water. Let it sit for a few minutes, swirl it around and rinse well. No smell!

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My first military assignment after training was to make coffee. I cleaned the coffee pot. Soon there were twenty officers and NCOs shouting at me. One should never clean a coffee pot where people live all night on jet fuel an coffee.

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try 2 denture cleaning tablets with hot water. leave overnight. should be spotless. if not, do it one more time.

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A few drops of bleach and hot water, and let sit a few minutes will do the trick.

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I used a Cascade ActionPac (we use it for the dishwasher) and boiling water in my Cusinart Thermal Carafe. The inside had been coated with coffee residue that we had not been able to get out. Left it overnight and in the AM the inside of the carafe was perfectly clean. It was amazing! Cost (insignificant); effort (minimal; results fantastic.

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OK folks here is THEE all time solution for cleaning your Stainless Steel Carafes of ALL coffee stains, no matter how old they are !!!

Take 1/2 cup of Cascade Liquid Dishwasher Detergent. It matters not what flavor it is !!! Pour it directly into the carafe. Boil a tea kettle full of plain ol' water. When it boils pour the boiling water into the carafe with the Cascade in it. Let it sit/stand for 1 hour, or more if you wish, and pour it out. Rinse it thoroughly and take a look at your NEW carafe. It will SPARKLE shine !! I guarantee it !!!

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Kevin's method totally rocks!! I just tried it on my Cuisinart stainless steel carafe which hasn't been cleaned (has been washed though) since I bought it. Absolutely amazing!!!

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Hi, I had printed the eHow instructions for removing coffee stains from thermos bottle (see link).

In my case, I have baked in hard-water/calcium deposits on bottom & sides of 8-cup stainless-steel Stanley thermos.

Thing is, they sometimes require scrubbing with a bottle brush.

I don't have a bottle brush was wondering if there's any that's at least, say, 13" long and has a 3m/metallic scrubbie tip??

Cuz frankly, how the heck can just a brush remove baked in hard-water deposits?

Wouldn't hard water deposits within a bottle require at least a scotchbrite/metallic type of scrubbie on the tip of cleaning brush?

Here is a link that might be useful: eHow remove coffee stains from thermos bottle

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I would think that vinegar would eat up any hard water deposits. I know that it will eat that up on my shower head. Just pour some in there and let it sit for a while, couple hours should do the trick. As far as not having a bottle brush...just "McGyver" you one using a scrubby and something with a handle. You can rubber band it on there or just put the scrubby down in there and use the stick handle to rub it around good.

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I'd be too nervous using a makeshift scrubbie, in case i can't retrieve it, since the Stanley is tall, has a narrow mouth, and my arm isn't as thin as a noodle.

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I don't see how a scrubbie could possibly get caught inside that? Can't you hold the thing upside down and shake it to where you can reach it? Apparently my vision of a thermos must not be what your thermos looks like because I can't imagine something being stuck in there and you couldn't get it out? *scratches head*

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OK, you have a point. Maybe if the scrubbie were cut tiny enough, it could work, rubber-banded onto a rod (I'd have to figure out which type of rod to use though.

I still just wish I could find something like that at a store, all ready made, for a few bucks - washable/reusable.

My primary question is - whether a bottle brush would work just as well, even if it's merely nylon bristles & not metallic/scrubbie.

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OK here's what you do, you can google search how to clean bottles and use their hints(gravel or rice) or go to Amazon and search for Sigg Water Bottle Clean Tablets, they even have a brush for these water bottles. They have a lot skinnier lid than a thermos does! This should do the trick.

Personally if it were me, I'd just soak it in vinegar to eat the lime scale and then dump some rice and dish soap and shake it really good until it gets clean. You can use small pebbles but you have to throw them out and be sure not to let any get in your pipes or disposer. Or keep them for the future. Rice is a lot more common in the house than gravel is though...HA! Hey I bet that denture tabs are the same as those Sigg tabs are!

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TBSP of Bar-Keepers Friend, a sponge & TBSP hot tapwater
Scrub until the tinge turns sparkly!
(I do this on my stainless sink & both percolators every week)

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Instead of rice or pebbles, visit a pet store and buy some "gravel" they sell for the bottom of fish tanks. It works best for cleaning anything you can't get your hand in.

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Cascade dishwashing (gel) and boiling water, left overnight, completely cleaned my stainless thermos, which we use for coffee every day and had disgusting flaked gunk all over the bottom. In the morning I poured out sludge, and the result was a sparkling clean thermos. Thanks, everyone!

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I cannot believe my eyes. I tried the dishwasher detergent soaking method and within 1/2 hour it is almost all gone. I used an electrosol tablet, put it in the coffee pot, and ran water through the pot, filling it with hot water. AMAZING!

Before I tried this, I spent about an hour with a SOS pad and barely made a dent in the black stuff in the bottom of the pot. I have the same Starbuck Barista coffee pot as the original post with the stainless steel pot. Thank you so much for this tip.

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This TOTALLY WORKS! I put in about 3 TBS of cascade dry detergent added boiling water to the top and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Swished it around and dumped out water. WOW it ow looks like new.

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Yay! So glad I found this page. I'm one of those people that thinks, this sounds good but it won't work for me...but I was desperate and tried it anyway and it worked even better than I thought because I didn't realize how dirty my traveler coffee cup was! It's blindingly bright now, after less than an hour.

I am also soaking my stainless steel vitamix 4000 container that had raw cacao powder residue on the inside and no amount of vinegar or baking soda and elbow grease could make much impact (a little, but very painstaking) and it is now coming right off. Not QUITE as easy as the coffee, but I tested it with just a rub of a non-abrasive scrubbie, it is back to it's stainless self. I'm going to let it soak longer (it's only been an hour) in hopes of making it even easier.

I did use boiled water, so not sure if this would work with just hot tap water. Also I used a tablet of Finish dishwasher detergent, so for those wondering if those work, they do.

YAY! I love clean shiny things!

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Thank you....thank you :). My coffee pot was disgusting and so black on the inside, so I surfed the web for a cleaning tip and found this site. I just put in a scoop of Cascade dishwasher powder and then filled the pot with boiling water, I then waited less than a minute and ran my dish brush around, with no pressure I might add, emptied the pot and it looks brand new!!!!!

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Would one of those Cascade Complete gel pacs work? That's all I have.

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Answered my own question. I put a Cascade Complete pac in my filthy stainless carafe along with boiling water and the inside looks like new! Could not believe the color of the water when I poured it out. I did take a cloth a wiped off the inside before pouring out the water.

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After years of using a brillo (SOS) pad...I was very...very skeptical of the Method described. Using automatic dish washing packet...and boiling water.


I had to come back and thank everyone. I googled the question..(how to clean stainless steel coffee carafe). And this was the first site to pop up. So thanks to the site as well! really works!

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I followed one suggestion. I used about 1/4 cup of Cascade and boiling water. I put it the soap then poured in the water. In 2 hours it was SPOTLESS. WOW

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I only use glass coffee pots and cleaning it is no problem, soap and water does the job. I worry about the effect metal has on our bodies. I won't even us a tea pot to heat water, because I can't see how clean it is.

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used the hot water and baking soda tip and it worked like a charm! Clean in just a few minutes!

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Long ago at the local ''greasy spoon'' cafe the waitress would put crushed ice in the coffee pot and slush it around. Have you heard of this? Did they put something else in with the ice?

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Gee! This discussion has been going on for 6 years...1907..good information. I agree to wash the coffee pot/carafe out each time you use it.

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In the future, use a product called "Dip It" (the powder, not the liquid) available in the coffee section of your local supermarket. Fill your coffee pot with boiling water, add the Dip It powder (more for larger pots, less for smaller ones) and let it sit for a while. Rinse well. Dip It is also very good for burnt on food in pots -- just add to water in the pot and let it boil gently on the stove for some time. Most of the burnt stuff will be removed and you can follow up with a Brillo pad if necessary.

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Did the Cascade and boiling water thing and my Cuisanart ss carafe is blindingly clean! I'm going to go to sleep right now just so I can wake up and have a cup of coffee in my "new" coffee pot. Thanks!

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I read somewhere that using denture cleanser tablets works & I have found they do! I buy at Dollar Tree & use every couple of weeks. I immediately rinse out my stainless steel carafe & let sit in plain water for awhile & then rinse out & give it a "sniff test." If I can smell coffee, it's time to use a couple of the denture tablets, let soak for a few hours & then thoroughly rinse w/cold water. I put my carafe screw on top in dishwasher & the the thing that holds the coffee filters. Since I don't use dw everyday, I usually just rinse both thoroughly in cold water, give a "sniff test," & if I can smell coffee, into the dishwasher they go.

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Many years ago I worked as a waitress in several different diners that served lots of coffee and in various restaurants. One of our daily tasks was cleaning the stainless steel coffee pots. We poured regular table salt into the bottom of each pot and added ice cubes. We then swished this around for several minutes allowing the ice cubes to hit the sides of the pot and then rinsed it well. It kept the pots clean and shiny on the inside and out.

I still use this method to quickly clean my coffee pot.

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