'Delay Start' on Dishwasher timer not working

sailMarch 10, 2012

I have a Maytag dishwasher MDC/B4100 that has a delay start which stopped working. It is an older style mechanical timer which sounds as if it is advancing (clicking and humming) even though the timer doesn't move.

Everything else works so how does this part of the cycle work? Is there a tooth missing off a gear? Can it be fixed with out buying a whole new assembly ~$100? (I am fairly handy)

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hmmm... no techies to help with this one?

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MDC/B4100 is not found, but MDC4100AWX or MDC4100AWE, and MDB4100AWB (and other color choices) are found.

Individual internal parts for mechanical timers are not sourced for replacement. Whether there's a workaround to repair it depends on your skill and ingenuity for fabricating what may be needed.

There are services that repair mechanical timers but you'd have to contact to ask if they'd do yours and determine if the cost is reasonable compared to a manufacturer-sourced replacement. MidWest Timer Service is one. They may have a rebuilt timer ready to ship in exchange for your original.

SearsPartsDirect.com lists timer 99002057 for $89.20. I find a used specimen currently on eBay for $19.95.

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