Short Notice, Need Help

creekdwellerMarch 15, 2012

My Daddy's Birthday is Sunday March 18th. I know it is very short notice, but, we are trying to get him 90 Birthday cards.

If you get the chance would you please send him a card and just please put where you are from, of course your name as well.

Please tell anyone else that you know that might like to participate.

Please send to Cecil L. Willison, P. O. Box 1053 Wiggins, MS 39577.

Thanks you so much,


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Creek, your Daddy is so lucky to have such a thoughtful daughter.
I'll be very happy to send out a card to your
Daddy...Bless his heart 90 yrs young..a great milestone! Let him know that
a 'long distant friend' of yours wishes him a very Happy Birthday...
I just read this so I know my card won't
arrive in time for Sunday..but
I'm sure he'll be 'tickled' as he receives ea one as they arrive.
I also hope you reach your '90 card' goal...
Let us know...

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I'm sad because my Dad won't have another birthday. Congratulations to your Dad! I'll send a card out tomorrow.

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Got a card ready for your Dad, Creek...will go out tomorrow! Enjoy your time w/your Dad! Blessings! I miss my Dad, too, party! Jeanne S.

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Thanks everyone.. We are at the 40 mark now..only half way.

Party I'm so sorry, I know you miss your Dad, Purplemoon, Jeanne,and everyone who has lost their Dad. I so wish My Mama could have been here to see Daddy turn 90.

Please keep the cards coming even if they are late. We just want him to get 90! We will just stretch it out as long as we have to....

It's kind of funny, when he turned 80, for some reason for about a week after his birthday, he was still getting gifts, cards, phone calls and visits..Some one even brought him a cake a week late...He had a BIG Bash then.
Guess we can do the same this time.

Thanks Again!!!


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Sent my card yesterday. I hope you reach your goal, what a thoughtful and loving thing to do for your Dad.

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