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five4meFebruary 24, 2014

Hello all :)
This is our second home that we will be GC'ing (owner/builder) and we are in the planning stages. This time around we would like to build with ICF's in our walkout basement.
We are looking for recommendations for ICF suppliers in the Pacific Northwest. Thought I'd turn here for advice/recommendations.

Thanks in advance :)

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Sorry. What's ICF?

I'm in North Snoh county, btw.

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insulated concrete forms.

I built our home using them. I used Hobbs Vertical forms as opposed to typical horizontal block. Having some minor experience with both, I prefer vertical forms. Hobbs and TF are the 2 vertical companies. Doesn't really answer your question however. Check out my blog for the complete ICF build.

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gladys1924- like Izerarc said, they are Insulated Concrete Forms. We haven't been able to find anyone we personally know who has used them. Maybe they aren't as common in the PNW. We are in South King County :)

Izerarc- thanks for the information! I'll pass that on to my husband (he's not a message board guy). We are planning on doing a DIY job and your blog will be a great resource. Do you have a link to it somewhere? Thanks.

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Try posting this thread over at on the ICF forum.

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My uncle built with them about 20 yrs ago outside of Portland, OR. I'll email him to see where they sourced theirs.

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Our building team (GC, Arch, Energy exp.) decided on Logix for our Yakima Wa build (just poured the garage walls a couple of weeks ago) I don't know from where our GC sourced them, but if you like, I'd be happy to to find out.

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My aunt says:
We used Polysteel Northwest in Beaverton. Manager is Gregg H....can't remember the last name. 503.642.4905

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Robin- thanks for the link. There is a wealth of information over there!

Kirkhall- thank you so much!

marykh- if it isn't too much trouble I'd love to know where they got the Logix. Yakima is so nice and sunny! Wish we could live on that side of the mountain :)

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here is the blog:

Here is a link that might be useful: ICF blog

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Awesome! Thanks :)

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I have ICF blocks. (Insulated Concrete Forms). Any amount for sale.
Shipped to any country worldwide.

Size: 50â long (127cm), 10â high (25.5cm) and 6â (15cm) wide
(with a nominal concrete core of 4â (10cm) ).

It is the exact equivalent of 4 CMUs (concrete masonry unit) in area and only weighs 1.25 pounds.
The forms are stacked without mortar and are interlocked like a Lego Set into which reinforced concrete is placed, creating a wall and foundation with a fraction of the labor of conventional CMU. Please email with details of quantity needed. Country to be delivered and target price to:

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