Help! My mud floor!

kewrenMarch 28, 2014

My contractors mudded the floor late in the day. I tried to barricade the room off from my cats, but they managed to get in. What do I do? Yikes! It was so beautiful and smooth. Can I save it tonight?

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Okay so I tried to smooth it out. How bad is this? I also remembered that the electric floor heating mat will go on top of this so is it a complete disaster? There are a two cat foot prints further in the room. Not sure how I get to those. I'm really freaking out.

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No worries, leave it as is. It's all good. Divots and paw prints will not cause trouble.

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Everything is a cat toy. It's a law of the universe.

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Thanks! This makes me feel better!

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I think I'd like the idea of little kitty fossil footprints hidden under my floors! ;-)

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