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MndChngrMarch 20, 2014

I would like to put a 60" vanity in my bathroom. I am having trouble finding a sleek and lightweight vanity that is still traditional, so I have decided to buy a nice piece of furniture and convert it. I found this dresser that has the correct measurements and is solidly built, and has the feel I was looking for. My dilemma is that I only want to put one sink in it. I would like opinions about how it would look to put a single sink in one side, as this dresser makes it impossible to put the sink in the center. The sink would go on the right side and the left side of the vanity would abut a wall. The right side of the vanity is open to a 34" space where we will place the toilet. Will this look right, or am I trying to hard to make this happen?

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Our bath is set up so we have wall-single sink vanity-toilet-wall, much like you're describing. Our single sink is centered, but would I mind moving it over closer to the toilet? I think I would mind. Sorry.

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I don't intend to center the single sink in our bathroom. I want counter space for laying out hair tools and make up when getting ready. I hate laying all that stuff in the sink.

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I think a single sink on one side of a longer vanity can look fine. But your traditional style is very formal and symmetrical so I don't know if it would work as well.

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Do you already own this piece or are you just contemplating purchasing it at this point? The reason I ask is that you can get a the look you're after by using a similarly styled dining room buffet instead of this bedroom dresser. The buffet would have drawers down the center and a cabinet door on either side. It would allow you to center your sink nicely. You'd have to lose the top drawer, but that should be all. I used to be an antique dealer and sold many of these mid-century pieces, so I'm very familiar with the structure of both pieces.

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Not an issue to me. I purposefully positioned two sinks (in separate BR's) in my last house to one side. For me, as a young mother at the time, I wanted to have room for bathing and changing baby, and for laying out sweaters to dry, etc. This is your BR, and as long as the sink is centered on the one side; I mean it might look funny if it wasn't in the middle of your curve, it will be fine.

Make sure you pick a sink that is shallow enough to fit in the top drawer space, of if the dresser isn't too high, even a vessel or half/vessel sink, so that you don't lose two drawers.

Particularly when you have your stone top (are you putting in a stone top?), cut to follow the curves it will look totally intentional and planned that way.

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I love the dresser, and think it will look great. I know I have seen dressers with only one sink on the side - one example is linked below.

If you think it will bother you, aknall's suggestion of a buffet is a good one, as they are more often built to accomodate a center sink.

Here is a link that might be useful: dresser vanity with sink not centered

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You can center the sink if you like, but you'll lose the complete use of twice as many drawers; two for sure and maybe four.

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You need to make sure that finish is somewhat moisture resistant.

I think the drawers will interfere with the sink drain and supply plumbing.

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Personally repurposing a dresser as a vanity seems like a bad idea. I've only known it to work well with a vessel sink, then having a solid surface top with generous overhangs. Most likely old wood is not suited for a damp area and definitely not finished to become wet.

Consider having a local cabinet maker build exactly what you want. They can match styles and customize features and you may be surprised how reasonable the cost will be.

The first couple photos in the linked album show our vanity. It is 60 inches (actually 62) and we've been able to store all the hair and makeup items. I doubt there is ever enough counter space but being able to free the clutter has been my solution. One or two sinks would depend on your requirements but two in this space work for us.

Here is a link that might be useful: Master Bathroom

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Thanks so much for all of your opinions! I do already have the piece, and it is for a hall bathroom that will serve as the main guest powder room. However, due to space limitations it will also be a full bath. So I was looking for something that would give me lots of counter space, that I could put a small low wattage lamp on, and that looked pretty and somewhat formal from the hallway and nearby living/family room and dining room that will double as a usable full bath. I have a good restorer who is going to refinish it with a water resistant finish. I am putting a natural stone top on it that will cover thew whole top, leaving the wood top in place. I know two sinks would look more balanced, but it would take away so much usable counter space. I especially appreciate the poster who linked several pictures of offset sinks. That was helpful. This dresser is from the 50's and is solid mahogany, it pristine and super solid condition.

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I think it will be lovely. And offset to serve you better is a very wise idea. After all, we have to make things work for us. I see in the loaded images above that the orange pair of vanities have offset sinks that are nicely balanced with deco on the other side. That would be a nice place for your lamp, a safe distance from the water.

I wonder if a dedicated ground fault protected type switch with a plug-in, within the same box would be worthwhile? The switch would turn the outlet on/off. I think potentially having damp hands and switching on the light might be dangerous. But wouldn't a switch that is especially made for bathrooms be a solution? I don't really know. Hair dryers have that built in switch that turns the dryer off when it gets too hot (I don't know about if it got dropped into the toilet).

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