Dog odor in car

lazycookJanuary 2, 2010

We inherited a car with a strong dog odor. Took it in for detailing and had it thoroughly cleaned and have tried different sprays but that odor still exists. Any ideas on how to get rid of it or is it a hopeless case?

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My MIL had a skunk spray the inside of her car and the guy at the detailing place said to get the best kitty litter possible and put a pan of it in the car and it would absorb the odor. It worked for her but don't get a scented kitty litter cause then you might have the smell of both! How terrible would that be!

Otherwise, maybe just an open box of baking soda?

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If Febreeze doesn't work, have you tried one of the enzyme stain/odor removers? Just a guess, I can't say from experience. Good luck!

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Have tried Febreeze and other enzyme odor removers with no luck. Will have to think about the kitty litter. I think the upholstery has absorbed all the odor.

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I once had flood water seep into the trunk of my car and as a result it developed a bad smell... a veterinarian recommended a product called OdoBan, and it worked perfectly!

That was about 7 years ago, and the trunk has been great ever since... I still have that car.

I bought it at Menard's. I think WalMart carries it, too. It was not expensive. Came in a spray bottle.

Here is a link that might be useful: OdoBan website

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I second the OdoBan. I bought a gallon (concentrate) probably 15 years ago and am still using it (ok, so it was probably lost in the basement for quite a while), you only need a very small amount.

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My concern with the Odoban is that it has a scent of its own according to the label. I don't want any scent.

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Is there any chance the odor is in the cabin air filter (if it has one)?

This must have been one stinky dog!

I saw a tip earlier about using diluted vinegar ON a dog to get rid of dog smell, wonder if that would do anything for your car?

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My vet suggested Natures Miracle. You can get at petco or petsmart. It has a nice scent and I find this works the best. You can also try white vinegar. Another product that really freshens the air itself is Lysol's Neutra Air.

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As a dog lover, sounds like a non-problem to me, but then if I bought a car and it smelled like someone else's dog maybe my nose would pick up on something, since I'm also a clean freak. My dog-herd smells like shampoo and sunshine and are welcome in my car anytime, but as a clean freak that fur they wear and discard on my carseats keeps them on my couches, which smell like, I I offer no solutions here, but as a teacher in a high school I can offer fouler smells. No matter how good a car looks, never buy one that has routinely transported 300 lb. boys home from powerlifting competitions, nor any boys home when the school lunch involves white beans. Now how bad IS that dog smell really?

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