Cleaning Tile and Glass Shower Doors/Walls

sallen2008January 24, 2009

How do you keep your glass shower doors/walls and tiled showers clean and mildew free?

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I have had good luck with the spray tile/bathroom cleaners sold at the grocery stores. They do need to be used frequently/daily to be effective.

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Stop using bar soap and use the liquid bath gel. It is the powder in bar soap that leaves the scum.

After cleaning shower doors and walls, use GLOSS-Gel (get at Home Depot) on the walls and doors.

Once a week after shower use a nylon bath scrubbie on the walls while rinsing. The little bit of residue will rinse off easy, no hard scrubbing. Shower will last months before a heavy duty cleaning is needed.

Put in a hand held shower head, then use it to rinse the walls and doors each time shower is used.

Squeege shower every time.

Open shower door and let a fan blow in it for an hour.

Shower keeping is a breeze by doing the above, not that much trouble either.

It is moisture in bathroom that causes mildew and the fan will help dry it out faster preventing mildew.

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A person who worked for a cleaning company suggested car wax/boat wax and waxed the tile. Has anyone else used car/boat wax?

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i did I learned that when i worked for Amway,after you clean tub good,dry use car wax,lasts a long time,I also wax my stove,I have an aga,black,looks great helps protect it from splills easier to clean up messses and shine!

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Finazzle soap scum remover is the best. They sell it at Ace Hardware.

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I swear by Shower Power. Spray it on, soap scum rinses off. Used to get it at Kmart..have not bought any in a while because I stocked up when KMart was closing down. It comes in a blue opaque spray bottle.

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