glass top stoves and odor issues

shiverJanuary 15, 2008

I've had a glass top stove for about 5 years now, and I have to say I hate it. It's easy to clean but it absorbs disgusting odors that are impossible to remove. I've tried everything----magic sponge, baking soda pastes, every cleaner on the market, and still the top smells horrible---people actually stop and notice it. The smell isn't from the inside of the oven (it's a self cleaning model), and I've already cleaned the sides of the appliance and behind it. It seems to be only the glass top that's the problem. Am I crazy, or has anyone else noticed this kind of thing? What do you do about it?

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Unless I'm mistaken in the type of stove top you have, how can the glass retain odors? Isn't in nonporous? I have a glass top also and wonder if your rubber edge is "gunked" up? When I clean the edge I'm usually surprised at how dirty it is. Try spraying the whole thing with a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and then sprinkle on some baking soda. Let it sit for a while then use your scraper to get it off and then rinse to get all the baking soda off. Vinegar kills odors and baking soda will absorb them. Beyond that, have you checked under the stove?

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I thought glass was non-porous too, but I researched it yesterday and found out glass is indeed *quite* porous---I mean, who knew? Ugh.

Yep, I've cleaned under, behind, and on the sides of the appliance, plus all gaskets/rubber. I swear the thing sparkles like a diamond but still reeks to high heaven. I've used baking soda before which I made into a paste (with water), but I've not tried it with vinegar. I'll give that a try later today.

I can't believe I'm the only one with this problem....

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That sure is an odd problem you have with your glass top. I've had my smoothtop range for almost 8 months (short compared to you) and I haven't experienced anything like this, nor has anyone else that I know of. I will be curious to know what the cause is though, once you find out. What brand is your range?

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My range is a kenmore...

Well ebear, the baking soda and vinegar trick worked like a charm! I put a ton of the soda on and added straight vinegar, then let it sit about 4 hours. I re-wet it with vinegar again and wiped it off---now no smell (yea!). It'll be interesting to see if the stink demon rears it's head again after a few days. As you all know it takes a fair amount of work to keep a house clean, and nothing ruins it more than a strong stench.

Thanks for the help! :)

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I'm so glad it worked for you! That's how I clean my stove-top every time, although I don't let it sit quite that long. I have a spray bottle with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water and a sugar shaker (with the large holes) that I got at the $1 store and keep filled with baking soda.
I would be really interested to know why it's retaining odors. I've had mine for ten years and I've never heard of this problem. Do you cook exotic foods or a lot of fish?

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I don't cook exotic foods----generally speaking, us Midwestern Americans usually eat more bland foods than other parts of the country. I do eat a great deal of fish, but it's either baked or grilled, and never cooked on the stovetop.

For the first several years I had my stove I cleaned it with a wax-like cleaner (think wax on a car that you have to buff off). I wonder if odors didn't get imbedded in the protective wax coating? Whatever happened, baking soda and vinegar is the way I'm going to do it from now on. I can't imagine I'd have to do the 4 hour soak for routine cleaning!

Thanks again for you help ebear---your suggestion was cheap, earth-friendly, and effective! :)

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Ive said the same thing about my glass table in the living room....My boyfriend thinks im crazy but there is an odor.. kinda like a mildewy something or other. I was just searching to prove to him, im right and came acrossed your issue.

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