freestanding dishwasher?

writersblockMarch 26, 2014

A friend of mine wants to do an unfitted kitchen, but she would kind of like a dishwasher, if possible. It doesn't need to be portable, but it would need to be able to be installed without cabinets around it. I think this is going to limit her to something like the Maytag MDC4809PAW or the whirlpool equivalent, but is there any other option we're overlooking? (Thanks to whoever bumped the countertop DW thread. That answered that question.)

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Miele Pro

Super Fantastico but $5.9k

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Yep, that would be just the ticket if it weren't so expensive. Hmm, maybe we could find a used one.

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Used may be the way to go, given that these were once much more common than they are now; the remaining available full-size portables are all very low-end units that don't work very well and are noisy. I still see alot of Hobart-era Kitchenaid portables in houses being offered for sale like the one in the picture below; these seem to be indestructible. Quite a few old GEs and Maytags too, some that are top-loading. They're usually dirt cheap when they show up on CL.

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Well...can't she have a freesstanding cabinet made for the dishwasher, and get any kind she likes? It could have a butcher block top and do double duty. :) Or it could have some drawers next to the machine for the detergent, spare baskets, tea towels, etc. Using a standard cabinet probably wouldn't work since it wouldn't be strong enough, but a half decent cabinet maker or carpenter could make something chunky with braces and all that should hold a dishwasher fine and look like a piece of furniture.

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Yes, that's a possibility, plllog, but she's going for a look something like this (without the random barrister bookcase), so it would be the only cabinet per se in the kitchen. (Just a hoosier-type cabinet and two tall sides, otherwise) If she did that, she'd probably go for an integrated model that could masquerade as an oddly lonely cabinet.

Thanks for the suggestions, lee676. One thing about unfitted; even though every item is relatively costly it's amazing how much less the whole works out to be.

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Well, yeah, but that one with the coffee maker on it could have a dishwasher in it... I mean we're talking custom with a custom panel. People do faux drawers and whatnot all the time...

I get the retro look, but if one goes too retro for a dishwasher one gets dishpan hands. :)

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Yes, that's a valid point, especially considering that she's going to have to hire a cabinetmaker anyway, to fake the tall cabinets to get one deep enough to conceal a microwave.

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