happy belated birthday - kathleen!

slinkeyMarch 12, 2012


I know this is way late..but as they say -

Better Late Than Never!....so Kathleen accept

my apology for overlooking this important day for you.

Sounds like you had a nice day -

CTS Shopping (hope you found some nice goodies)

and then dinner with DH !

Ahhh...my kind of Birthday!!


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Happy Birthday from me too, Kathleen.
It's nice you were able to spend the day with your DH doing what you love!

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Thank you, Jane and Nana.
Doing a table now with what I bought.

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Ahhh...any excuse for shopping, uh! Even getting a yr older! Glad you had a good day! Happy belated & so enjoy the t'scapes you share, kathleen! Jeanne S.

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Oh my, yes! Happy Birthday.

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A Happy Belated Birthday to you, Kathleen. So glad you went shopping for your BDay. Always love to see another one of your tables.


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Ditto on what Jane said...
I am really sorry to have missed your birthday, I can't seem to remember to keep track of everyone's lately. I'm glad you got a special shopping trip, with an understanding and patient DH. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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I apologised on another post, Kathleen, but will add my belated birthday wishes here too. Good that your DH is willing to wait in the car so he doesn't interfere with your bargain shopping. Glad you did what you enjoy to celebrate this special milestone. Luvs

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