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btnaJanuary 13, 2010

This product is truly amazing...I even have my husband hook. It will melt away ANYTHING from a hard surface, tile,glass, fiberglass(test first)I buy them bulk at Bj's even my kids ask for them for their sneakers/cleats and soccer balls.

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They work beautifully to clean the door panels and console covers in our pick-up too! Where DH puts his grubby hands was always a mess, but now he keeps it nice and clean!

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I am a devotee to ME. Recently I found that they worked very well to spot clean my carpet and my stainless steel sink.

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They do an amazing job cleaning the dirt on the textured refrigerator handle.

Be careful on paint though, it can do a little damage sometimes.

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I painted my bedroom with "washable" latex paint. I noticed that when I used a Mr. Clean Magic eraser on some finger marks, it removed them and a small amount of the paint. It seemed to "dissolve" the paint just a bit.So be careful and test a small area of anything you use the ME on.

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Yes to the test the paint suggestion. I used MCMR on the laundry room walls and no longer had to paint. I used it in another room and now have shiny spots.

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Keep in mind the ME works because it is an abrasive, admittedly a very fine one, but an abrasive just the same. It does NOT contain special soap/detergent or utilize any chemical reactions, it simply and literally scratches the imperfections off and is akin to using a super-fine grit sandpaper.

I am not opposed to the ME or using it and have several in my possession, but I believe everybody should know the above when deciding whether or not to use it on a particular surface.

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Check out the has lots of stuf that you may not want in your home (along with most other houshold cleaners mind you). There is a a terrific product out there that is a natural Magic Eraser. I was skepticla but tried it anyways and it works like a charm with no chemicals or offensive odour.
It's called Universal Stone Cleaner. If you like Magic Eraser, you'll love this stuff.

and no I am not in any way affiliated with this product, just ran into it a few weeks ago and am singing it's praises.

Here is a link that might be useful: Universal Stone

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I agree it is abrasive, but still pretty amazing. I just recently brought it out again for a HUGE unknown, red area on my hardwood floor. I am still baffled & have no clue what it was, & none of my kids will admit to what it was or doing it, but it was not removable by standard measures.

The ME did get it out but always make sure you rub as light as possible to get the job done. Like the paint, it will/can take some of the sheen out of your hardwood. In my case it was worth the alternative LOL (which was my husband seeing it before I got it cleaned!)

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debrmn, I am certainly not disputing that the MR, when used in the correct application is handy. I just think people should know it is an abrasive.

The application I used it on that impressed me the most (to date) was in the summer of `08, when I was selling my car. I keep my cars 10 years, so the alloy wheels looked pretty beat up and dirty. In the process of detailing the car to be put up for sale I could not get some of the grunge off, and as a last resort used the MR. I destroyed three of the erasers getting all four, but it was absolutely the best I had seen those wheels look in 4+ years! :)

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Did a great job on my white Reeboks. Thought I was going to have to make them into garden shoes but they look really good after a little buff with the magic eraser.


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What IS this thing, really? Is it any more abrasive than say, Bar Keepers Friend? I tried one several years ago was unimpressed, but you guys are making me want to stock up and clean walls. Is it good for stainless sinks too? Glass cooktops?

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I would not use a ME on a painted surface unless nothing else worked as it does seem to take some of the paint off sometimes.

It did a beautiful job of whitening the dirty grout on DDs bathroom tile counter. They bought their house not long ago, and the previous owner was not very particular about cleaning. This ME was magic -- by just getting it wet and touching it to the grout. So it clearly has a bleaching agent in it.

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It does not have a bleaching agent as far as I know; it's a melamine foam abrasive.

And it is the BEST way to clean grout that I know of. Amazing.

It's a finer abrasive than powders.

It CAN burnish flat paint or dull shiny paint if you scrub hard. But if you have to use it on painted walls, it's usually preferable to the alternative (repainting), and you can minimize sheen differences if you are careful to use the least pressure needed to work.

It leaves its own residue, which I believe is the abrasive product itself broken down. Can be wiped off with microfiber. If you clean walls with it, I would think you'd have to be careful to remove the residue before repainting. (Walls should be washed during prep anyway, which would remove the residue.)

It removed buildup from glass that I couldn't get with other cleaners. Made some plastic items I was ready to throw away look new again.

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It does a great job on cooked on food spills around my stupid old coil electric range collars. I try to apply pressure only to the spills and stop when I get to the appliance surface. It is awesome on the plastic of my white coffee maker. I use it as a last resort when the usual spray cleaners and a scrubbie don't do the trick.

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ME is awesome for stainless steel sinks. I routinely spray down our kitchen sinks with Green Works (you could use just about anything though) and then wipe with ME. Perfect shine.

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I can't see what all the fuss is about. The are just an abrasive sponge and they don't last. My friend uses them on her sink, it's cheaper to use a mild cleanser powder. The stains come off much easier.

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I only just tried one a few months ago and love it.

I don't think it's so much that it is totally unique, or that you can't use something else, but that this product works well for certain areas since it "handles" a certain way and doesn't require spraying and wiping or rinsing. So it was great for scuff marks on stairfronts and things like that.

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Nope, it has some kind of bleaching agent I noticed when I cleaned DDs grout. I did not have to rub the grout at all. In fact, the sponge did not touch some areas because the water dripped from the sponge, ran onto the grout, and whitened it in an instant.

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Nope, it has some kind of bleaching agent I noticed when I cleaned DDs grout.

Nope, it absolutely, positively does not, unless you are using some generic ME knockoff (which I cannot comment on). The actual [trademarked] Magic Eraser has no soap and no bleaching agents in it. What you are describing is simply coloration from water with melamine residue mixed in, but this is just temporary and will rinse off easily.

Melamine foam has been in manufacture for decades, and was most commonly used as an insulation, often for pipes. It was only in the last decade or so that someone found out quite accidentally that this same cellular structure lent itself well to also being a mild abrasive. And that's its thing: it's an abrasive. Nothing more.

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According the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services Household Products Database the ingredients in Mr.Clean Magic Eraser Cleaning Pads are Formaldehyde-Melamine-Sodium bisulfite copolymer. I used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for the first time today. It worked really well on walls, but I wished I wore gloves.

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Unless you are sitting in the corner and eating the Magic Eraser I wouldn't worry about it. People get frightened by chemical-sounding names (i.e. all the posts warning of the dangers of fabric softener), but nothing is going to happen to you by exposure to salt (sodium bisulfate), and while formaldehyde is used in the manufacture of polymers, there is none left in there now (formaldehyde is a gas at room temperature).

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I don't get frightened by chemical-sounding names, but I do believe consumers should be concerned about cleaning products.

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I only mentioned that because you specifically said "but I wished I wore gloves."

My point: you have made no difference to your health or changed the length of your time on this Earth as a result of not using gloves.

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