International Women's Day (Thanks, Jeanne)

oldalgebraMarch 2, 2011

See what Jeanne has inspired.

Here is a link that might be useful: HANDS

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Beautiful celebration of IWDay! Your "hand" pc is so special, OA! Technically, love the B&W photos & that you chose to mat them...that you began & ended the framed works w/larger size prints & that you added "text" to your art pc. Emotionally, you've created the images of nurturing & joy! An heirloom! TFS & including me as a bit of inspiration. Jeanne S.

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What a great piece of artistic family history. Yours and Jeanne's are both beautiful.

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OA...You did such a wonderful job on your DGM's 'Hands'.
I'm sure she would feel so touched and honored.
I remember Jeanne's and how much I loved what she did..
How beautiful and inspiring it was.
I'm so glad you went foward and made your own.
I love its simplicity and how you layed it out. - each photo filled with a touching memory.
I think you will have to either make several of these for Family Members...or leave it to someone in a Will - lol
As Jeanne said, it is a Family Heirloom!
I have a wall of old family photos (Our Family History) from both DH & My side - I enjoy looking at them ea day.
I feel it's so important to tell my GKds about the 'faces in the photos' to give them a 'Connection' to their past and not see them as just old photos.

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Marlene Kindred

What a great work of art! Love the idea too from Jeanne...I missed it last year, but it is really special.

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This is wonderful. I love all the wording you've added to the photos. Hope your family loves it as much as all of us do. What a beautiful heirloom to hand down. Did you write the names on the back so it will always have the history with it? Makes me want to see Jeanne's again too.


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The others have said it so well...a beautiful heirloom... created by YOUR hands!

The last photo of the little ones holding hands really touched me. I'd like to do a picture like that of my smallest granddaughters and surprise their Mom with it if I can figure out how to do that.


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That would be a nice surprise Karen if you can do this. I thought I would love to have a picture of my son and his son and then one with DD and DGD holding hands and framed together. Would be neat to have DH and my hands also.

Jeanne and OA you may have started something Wonderful for All.


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In our church, there is a time when we all hold hands and say The Our Father. When we come to the "kingdom and the power and the glory" part, we all raise our hands (still holding on to the people on each side of us) up in the air, above the level of our heads.
I wonder if you and your husband stood next to each other and his son was next to his father and his son was next to him
and . . .
on the other side, next to you, was your daughter and then her daughter
you all held hands and the held them up high. If you were outside and the shot could be taken from an angle just below the hands . . .
Some tree branches with light streaming through could be in the picture . . .
Well, I'm not making myself clear, but I bet you could do something rather artsy with it.

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Jeanne's artwork was very inspiring, and it's neat to see that you were able to use the idea and make this neat keepsake for yourself. It will become a special family treasure I'm sure. Luvs

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I love your pictures, OA. It wonderful to see how Jeanne's beautiful work inspired you. They are both wonderful family treasures.

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OA...I love your brainstormin' idea (under the tree) above!!

Made me think that I wish I could add #6 to that generational collage ... that little boy's hand (reading the book) now has a baby girl (Feb 23rd) to join her brother! My G'pa & Mom (in collage) are gone now but the Blessings continue in life! Jeanne S.

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OA, I'm following you and I love this idea. We might have to sit down since DGD is so small but I think it would be neat. The only problem is we never get to see DGS. Hoping that will change this spring or summer tho.


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Commented on your blog. I love it. J's too. Very creative.

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