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radoncdocFebruary 15, 2014

Just wondering if any fellow crossfitter has planned out a setup at their new build, looking for pictures of setup ideas to have as well as installed equipment. I have a decent area in the garage that will be dedicated to it with 12ft ceilings.

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Hi, we're not crossfit junkies, but we are dedicated to our health and fitness. We've begun converting an old stable into a bike garage (we race Mtn bikes and compete in cyclocross), gym and meditative/yoga space. I've attached a photo of our imagined floor plan. I don't know how helpful it will be but I do think we have some common equipment.we have dedicated a corner to free weights with racks along the wall and ball and kettle towers along the other wall. The incline decline bench would be in the middle of that corner. But we do not have the squat tower and a few other key pieces I assume you wish to have?

We opted not to do built in audio visual. There will be a recessed niche into the wall to hold a bose docking speaker system for the iPod/iPad. A wall mounted tv that can swivel on the bathroom wall. We're also going to place a water cooler and towel cabinet in the yoga room.

The bathroom has been changed significantly from this sketch.

I hope this helps some. Good luck on your build

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Thank you for the setup photo's, it actually didn't dawn on me to do the same floorplan layout for the garage gym that we have done for the whole house. I think I will start there and let the space drive the equipment. I was also hoping to put rings in the center, but also have to make room for a heavy bag and a climbing rope.

Good luck with your build - love your idea of the sliding door between yoga room and the training area. I am only imagining a very asian inspired meditation area.

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No problem . I found just knowing the dimensions of key piece was helpful to block out. The rings for us were the hardest thing to place as you need so much more clearance than a treafmill or ERG. .

You nailed it the yoga room will be very Asian inspired. The gym not nearly so.

Good luck in your build! Post your layout when you decide, it may help someone else someday.

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