Built in beverage center for bar

jgoppMarch 8, 2013

I'm currently having a custom bar built for another property that I have. It will be in the basement there and I'd love to have a built in beverage center. Problem is at least from what I can gather, is that they are very expensive for what you're getting. I think the cheapest ones I can find run at the bare minimum $700, and most are in the $1000-1500 range, and the high end brands are $2000+

Problem is, this thing won't be getting used all that much, and a lot of the reviews I read about the cheaper models say they simply don't get cold enough for beers aka sub 40 degrees.

I love the look of the built in, and the bar will be fairly high end looking, but I am unsure if this is a good investment. Of the centers you guys have gotten, which ones have been reasonable in price, and quality in operation?

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Just put in a regular refrigerator if you want cold beer. Something like a 30" wide one will be less money and give you a lot more capacity at the temperature that you need.

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I would do a regular fridge, but it's just a bar base and bar top. There isn't any room behind it for a fridge. Kind of hard to explain but it's kind of floating I guess you could say. That is why the beverage center seemed so appealing...

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