Bleach Tabs in Toilets?

sarahmakes6January 14, 2005

I have never used drop-in-the-tank tablets for keeping toilets clean and lately I'm eyeing them with interest. Do they work? One kind better than another? Long ago I was told that regular use would eat away at the inner workings of the toilet. Is that an old wives tale?

Ready to be enlightened and possibly save myself some scrubbing!

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We're on well & septic, and before we added a conditioning system we used them. Chlorox brand I think. They keep the toilet very clean. However, some say they shouldn't be used if you're on a septic system. Also, I believe they take a toll on the tank bolts and flush mechansim. If you're on city water, you might try them. If you're on a well, be sure your water is in good shape first. Ours was so acidic, the water could eat copper. After adding the conditiner (sediment filter, acid neutralizer, and iron reducer) the bowls stay much cleaner on their own.

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The only one I have good luck with is the 2000 Flushes.

Pricey little devils, they are. They do work very well. I've never had to replace anything.

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I have used them and they rotted the rubber gaskety bits in the tank. Had to replace parts.

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I use the clorox ones - they really work. No ring buildup in between cleanings, and I feel it keeps the potty more sanitary. Have not had any mechanical problems, and I've been using them for about nine years.

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I've used the Clorox tablets, but stopped because I thought they may damage toilet parts. The main reason is,if the lid was left up, there was a distinct odor of bleach in the bathroom.

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I used them once, but stopped when I read about how poisonous those things are for the environment and how they interfere with many of the processes used by waste treatment facilities. Besides, there's nothing more effective a good, old fashioned brush!

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Our plumber told me that the chlorine bleach will erode the flapper (or anything made of rubber) so we should never use in-the-tank cleaning products. I do use a fizzy cleaning tab in the bowl once a week, letting it soak for 10 - 20 mins. & then brushing.

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So how do you clean a toilet that has sat in an unoccupied house and has developed a real ring around the bowl?

Your basic Lysol cleaner has had no effect.

Then if we can get it clean, how do we keep this from happening in a vacation home?

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Could it be rust? I bought a house that had been unoccupied for nearly two years. It took several treatments with a rust remover before the stains faded.

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It is just bleach. It is not going to interfere with waste treatment facilities any more than laundry detergent and bleach in waste water do.
Also as far as deterioration goes, that's why the package says to not use in a toilet unless it's flushed at least once a day. So I don't use one in my least-used basement bathroom. But we have used them for 9 years now, and no ill effects on the inner workings of the toilet so far.

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Yep, husband is a plumber & he makes me stay away from bleach products in my toilet tank. It's fine to use one of the disinfectant/perfumey products though.

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I use these on my toilets and have had to replace the flappers on them once since I moved in a year and a half ago. So I think they do put wear on the toilet parts. For me it is a very favorable trade off- save a large amount of time cleaning the toilet and spend a little replacing the flappers.

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I've found that Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gels help on the cleaning aspect and the hard water ring buildup. The get goes inside the bowl rather than in the tank so do not affect the flapper, etc.

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I was told anything in the bowl was fine but not to use things in the tank. I don't know if that's true, but that's kind of what I've stuck with.

I usually have one or two of the hanging ones on the bowl rim.

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I realize this is a very old thread but I thought someone may benefit from my experience. As a young person I tried all the things advertised to make cleaning my home easier like blue stuff in the toilet. As I grew older and more experienced I learned the ads we are bombarded with only makes our purse emptier. I learned soap and water and cleaning often is the key to cleaning. I have cleaned my toilet bowls with soap and water for years now and have none of the problems you all mention, no calcified rings or yellow stains. My friend was shocked when I told her I only used soap and water in the stool and she said but that doesn't kill the germs. My replay to here was, "I am not going to drink it". One of the ways she kept a home germ free was to shut a sick child in their bedroom away from the rest of the family, then disinfect the entire room when he is well.

I don't have the experience of cleaning granite, marble and "wood?" floors and I will never have, because I planned to buy a new home that has all of the above mentioned finishes and the developments all have covenants. I asked around at the places that sell granite, marble, etc. etc. etc. and the reply was soap and water or just a wet rag.

Oh, after thought here. I do find Fantastic wonderful if I don't get around to cleaning the tub if I don't clean it often enough. It melts the bath oil and you can see it running down the side of the tub. Love it.

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Kaboom has a flush and clean gizmo that they sell and it does not sit in the toilet tank. I think it's called Kaboom Automatic TB Cleaner. U buy the gizmo once and put a tablet of cleaner in the plastic gizmo. There R 2 tubes that come with it. They look like IV tubing. 1 goes into the water intake tube and the other in the flush tube in the toilet. The cleaner never sits in the water, thus no metal corrosion or flapper damage. U just replace the tablet when it is needed.

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