Cleaning the inside of my oven

freddiebtvJanuary 30, 2010

my son tried to bake a pizza on a plastic cutting board in the oven and the whole thing melted everywhere including the bottom of my electric oven. how can can i clean up the remaining dried up melted silicone/plastic left in the bottom of my oven? should i heat it up and get it soft or let it be hard and try to flake it off and what should i use to make the job easier if possible?

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That's a hard one. I would be afraid of the fumes if you heated it. Burning plastic gives off toxic fumes. I would try scraping it off with something sharp like a razor blade scraper and then use steel wool on any you can't get with the scraper.

If all else fails, I'd open all the windows and turn it on for a few seconds to slightly heat the plastic and then turn it off and scrape some more.

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I did something similar not very long ago. I found the plastic was easier to peel off when it was warm. I did have an extra pair of hands to help me, so holding a blow drier on the dripped plastic helped a lot.
I was afraid to turn the oven back on because I was not sure if it had dripped somewhere that I could not see and would put out more fumes.
Good Luck...not an easy task.

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I forgot to mention that a single-edged razor blade scraper such as painters use was great to get off the last remnants of plastic...again better when it was warm. If you have a large puddle of hard plastic on the bottom (as I did) warm it up and grab an edge with a pliers and pull. Most will then come off in one piece. I put the oven racks in the sink and ran very hot water over them, as I pulled with the pliers and scraped with the razor blade. The whole process, with a helper, took about 2 hours.

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Oh, man. You may need to replace the bottom panel of your oven.

Is there any way you can find out exactly what the plastic cutting board was made of?

Knowing what you're dealing with may help you in finding the best solution.

Do you think it was polyethylene? (white)

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Try using The SKrAPr. I bought one at QVC and it worked great on the bottom of my oven with burned cheese from baking pizzas.Is a very cool product.

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