Pet odor enzyme cleaner recommendations?

chambleemamaJanuary 5, 2009

I like the Pet Oops! by The Clean Team, but I'm looking for more suggestions. I need something that isn't scented, that has enzymes to digest dog urine, and that won't stain or bleach out carpets. I have a Bissel carpet shampoo machine, and I'd like to be able to use enzyme products in that, as well. Any suggestions?

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Several months ago we bought a Hoover SteamVac, our first carpet cleaner. The choice was driven by the fact that the local store had a huge sale, so we ended up getting it for about half-price. Anyway, we also picked up a bottle of Hoover Premium Pet Formula Carpet and Upholstery Detergent since the main reason for purchasing the carpet cleaner in the first place was to do a good cleaning job on some of our large area rugs that our dogs occasionally "claim" as their own. The bottle does not have an ingredient list, but the label does say that it contains enzymes. I don't know if Bissell has a similar pet formula, but I would think the Hoover one might work just as well in a Bissell machine. Good luck!

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You can also use vinegar to clean carpets if you don't mind your house smelling like pickles for a couple of days...LOL.

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I like Natures Miracle spray, found at all pet stores. I have a dog who sometimes "forgets" her housebreaking training, as well as an elderly cat with health issues, vomoting and diarrhea. My third pet is a young cat who is very clean and never makes a mess.

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Thanks to you all for the advice. I like the smell of the Nature's Miracle, and it seems to work as well as the Oops. What's also making a tremendous difference is using Cesar Millan's techniques to "balance" my smallest dog. Long walks twice a day, with the other three dogs, has calmed him and he's stopped pee-ing everywhere. No eye contact, either. It's amazing.

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Yes! I love Cesar Millan! He has tons of experience and lots of practical advice. I have read all 3 of his books and have learned something valuable from each one.
However, I do dog-sitting in my home so I sometimes have "accidents" from other people's dogs. I will have to try the Nature's Miracle. Thanks!

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Simple Solution! Very inexpensive, very effective. Use it safely on anything & everything.

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