Help! Kerosene spill on plywood subfloor!

arlenebJanuary 22, 2009

I'm cross-posting this everywhere hoping to get a quick answer!! It fits appropriately under disasters and cleaning!

Our drywall mudders have a Salamander heater going to heat and dry their work. It leaked on our plywood subfloor. The shape of the stain makes it hard to cut that section out and replace it, but that's what I think would be the best solution.

Any suggestions? Is there any way to clean it up? I read somewhere not to even vaccuum over it because of possible sparks igniting the wood.



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Let it evaporate....kerosene is moderatly volatile and will eventually evaporate.
Linda C

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Here's what we've decided.

First try: We sprinkled baking soda and kitty litter on the stain and replaced the mudders' protective paper. We'll sweep up and replace those two things every couple of days for the next few weeks and see what effect it has. If the odor persists that long, we'll try sanding and sealing. If it's still there, we'll bite the bullet and replace the plywood; if it's gone, we won't. We have about 6 weeks till carpeting goes in, so in that time we should have a good idea of what's happening.

Thanks for your help!

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This is not your problem! Your contractor should just replace it at no cost to you. They either spilled it filling it or it leaks! This is their problem and not yours. The one thing is, is that the vapors out gassed by any petroleum product stays at floor level and seeks the lowest level just as water does when it is pouring in your window wells. All you need is to have them hit the water heater or the funrace when it sparks when it tries the electric starter and you house will blow up. When the humidity changes in the Summer you will be able to smell it also and even if you seal the floor a few steam cleans will remove that. I assume you are putting padding beneath your carpet. This will destroy that area of padding and you will have to pay to have the padding replaced and have it re-installed.

Just have it done and have your husband rip them a new one and refuse to pay them until they do as they are told. I would not mess with any of this as this is not your problem, they created it.

Good Luck,


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