Zero Threshold Showers

ErinCMarch 1, 2013

Since I'm hobbling around on crutches thanks to a skiing injury, I've become more interested in zero threshold showers. At some point down the road we will be remodeling our master bath. How hard is one of these to install in an existing room? It is something where you have to completely change the subfloor/floor joists, etc. to make it level with the rest of the house?

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It certainly is easiest if done in new construction. You can plan for the proper shower footprint and the floor framing in the shower can be dropped a few inches.

Remodeling, the same can be done, but it may require a bit of engineering depending on the location of the bathroom. First floor, second floor, joist size, etc.

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While I agree with mongo that it's possible, I don't think it's practical for most people. You have to have a healthy budget AND find someone who has designed and built these before.

There are a lot of gotchas that can ruin these in a hurry.

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