what size grout joint for my rectified 18x18 tile?

chinchetteMarch 18, 2013

The tile is possibly 1/16th variance in size from one tile to the next. Does that mean that I need to do 3/16th inch grout joints?

At the flooring store I was told that could be problematic for chipping, because the grout will be lower than the tile. Is this true, that its actually a liability to make the joint 3/16ths?


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With that much variation, I'm afraid it's not rectified. Rectified tiles are cut from a big sheet after being fired, so they end up very uniform in size. 1/16th inch is a big difference. And yes, it would mean you should do a 3/16 inch grout joint. Why would the grout be any lower than the tile with a big joint rather than a small one?

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Its rectified for sure. Its a cheap one though. Maybe we didn't get all the same batch?

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Look for lot numbers on the side of the boxes. Rectified tile should not vary any more than 1/64".

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