OT where is every one?

nana2010_gwMarch 10, 2012

Where are the rest of our Holidayers?


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I guess I've been guilty of only adding
comments every now and then with not much
The past couple of weeks I've been keeping
Dr's appointments as I'm preparing for
surgery this coming Wed.
They're doing an ankle fusion on my left foot then
after that heals...the right will be next.
My Lupus is doing damage to the cartilage,
causing pain when I walk.
I'm trying keep as up beat as I can..
I'm so grateful I can come here to take my mind off of
it all.
PS..sorry for whining.

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oh my, Jane. So sorry to hear that. I wish you the best of luck with your surgery!!! (I'll be meeting with my surgeon on Wed. morning, so I know exactly what you're going through!)

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Nana, so glad you asked.

Jane, here's wishing you all the best on both of your surgeries. I sure hope you have some time in between so you can get around. I had foot surgery 10 years ago and still have issues.

PM, good luck with your appt. Wed. I had forgotten about your health issues too.

I feel bad I don't always keep up on (or remember) whats going on in your personal lives. Please keep us posted cuz we CARE!!!

Hugs and Prayers to All, Punk

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Jane, thanks for letting us know. I will keep you in my prayers. How long will you have to be off your foot?

Sorry I have been mia. My birthday was Wed., and dh took me into CTS and then out for dinner. It was a long day, we did some grocery shopping too. I have been washing and putting away dishes. Catching up here today!

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Jane, you are NOT whining. We care very much and want to know how you are. I'm so sorry to hear about both your ankles needing fusion surgery. How long will you be laid up with this first one? I hope it relieves your pain when walking. Please keep us updated on how you are doing.
I think you do great at staying upbeat and commenting on others posts no matter how bad you feel or the pain you're in. I know its not easy at times. But this definitely is the place to come for distraction and fun, and support.
Take care of yourself and will be sending prayers. Lots of them.

Party, the same for your upcoming surgery. Hope things go well and you will let us know how you are doing too.

hugs, Karen

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I'm here, too, nana...it seems kind of quiet for quite some time now...I think alot of people just like to 'lurk' & that is wonderful, too! This is such a great forum!

jane & party...will keep both of you in thought & prayer,...never any fun to be laid up ...but hopefully you'll both be able to come here & find something that brings a smile! Hugs to both of you. Jeanne S.

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Oh my gosh, Jane and PM
I'm sorry you are both facing surgery.
As Jeanne said it's no fun to be laid up.
I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.
Please keep us up to date as you recover.
Wishing you both the best!

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Jane & PM Prayers and thoughts being sent for you and every one else that needs them on this board. There are a lot of sick folks now.
Daddy has been having heart fib spells quit frequently the past two weeks. But, he's hanging in there. I think he handles it better than me!

Good luck to all of you and your health issues!


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Thank You 'Holiday Family'... for your well wishes.
You are all so thoughtful and caring and
coming here is like 'good medicine for whatever ails you'!
As far as how long I'll be laid up...hard to tell.
I thought I'd be up and running pretty quick..but the other day, my Surgeon gave me the full details on what to expect. Looks like I won't be doing a 'happy dance' for quite some time.
After Wed's surgery, I'll go home with a splint on my leg, then a week later, they'll apply a fiberglass cast up to my knee. This will keep my foot in a flat position while it heals. I'll be wearing this monster for about 4-6 wks. Do I really want to go thru this - NO...but I have no choice. As far as doing the other foot...it will be done after this...
Oh Joy!!
So, I don't think I'll be 'playing dishes' for awhile..but I'll be here drooling over all your pretty Spring things, and adding my 2 cents worth.
Thanks again being so supportive and caring.

PM...hang in there and good luck with your surgery. To bad we weren't closer, we could keep ea other company and compare notes!! lol


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Gosh Jane, I'm so glad you told us what you will be going through. Sorry you have to have both ankles done, but will pray it goes well and solves the problems.

PM, prayers and good wishes on your surgery too. Take care.

Creek, I'm sure knowing your Dad is having these problems is scary for you. He is blessed to have such a loving daughter taking care of him.

Kathleen, I'm so sorry to have missed wishing you a Happy Birthday. I'm just not my old self anymore--too much on my mind constantly and I tend to let the days slip away from me. I'm glad you got to go shopping for your birthday. I'd better visit your blog to see all your new goodies.

Nana, it was a good thing you started this post so we could catch up on what's happening with all our family here!


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Excuse my 'Senior Moment'...
I forgot I wanted to apologize to Kathleen for overlooking
her birthday..and to Creek for not mentioning her Dad.
Luvs is right Creek, your Dad is so lucky to have you to look after him. My Prayers are out to both of you.

I guess many of us have been split between trying to up with our 'Holiday Family'...besides 'Family at home'!


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Marlene Kindred

I'm here too, but my DH and I have been knee deep in kitchen remodeling, so I haven't had as much time to look in on everyone and comment. I'm so sorry that there are so many medical issues and I hope you girls who are facing or having surgery will feel much better very soon. Keeping all of you in my prayers as you face stresses with parents, family, illnesses, etc. Sometimes life can get very overwhelming. It's nice to know that there is a group here who care!

I'll be back, so don't go away!


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I hope that Jane made out alright on her surgery today!

I met w/ the ENT / head & neck surgeon today -- long story short: he's an expert and thinks the other ENT/surgeon's diagnosis was wrong, but he still recommends surgery. He will allow me to delay 6 months and then be seen again. I am unhappy to learn that there definitely will be permanent damage from the surgery. sigh.

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Marlene Kindred

Hope Jane did well today too! Party music...I'm sorry to hear that you will have permanent damage, but hopefully the new surgeon will be able to give more help too! If I may ask, what sort of neck issues do you have? I have spinal issues and neck issues too...that's why I'm asking.

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Marlene, this surgery regards a tumor in/near my salivary gland. This Ear/Nose/Throat head & neck surgeon thinks it's actually a nerve sheath tumor. He's the best surgeon I could find -- he says he's probably done more of these surgeries than anyone else in the state.

Re neck problems, I herniated the discs in my neck in July 2010 -- I opted out on surgery req'd for that, which is probably more along the lines of your neck issues, requiring an orthopedic surgeon?

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Party, it sounds like you have found a really good surgeon. If you have to go thru surgery, then that's sure a blessing. Tho I am sorry to hear there will be some permanent damage. Scary for you I'm sure. At least you can put it off for a bit if you want.

hugs, Karen

PS....where the heck is CANDY? Missing her too.

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I've been wondering about Candy too.

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I hope Candy is just out there,
enjoying a nice vacation...

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I have done crafts Ive done everything for the last 40 years.The reason i started crafts was because I was told I was gonna die at 40,I had 3 kids,married.I had to quit crafts which Im beside my self I miss it soo much,?Ill never be able to do close up stuff ,cross stitch etc,I go for dialysis 3xs a week,Im soo tired all the time.Thats why I havent been around,I need a kidney.Im hoping to geyt back to normal and back to crafts..miss them so much.

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I'm so sorry for what you're going through.
I'll keep you in my prayers that your health
returns back to normal so you can enjoy
all the things that make you happy.
Keep strong and have faith that this will happen.
Blessings to you,

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ty,For the kind words..

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bulldinkie, I am so sorry for everything you'd had to face. It's overwhelming and puts everything in a whole new perspective. Jane said it so nicely. I hope for a new improved future for you.

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Bulldinkie, so sorry that you are having such health problems, will add you to my prayer list. I haven't posted much as of late, just a lot on me right now that I feel helpless to do anything about, but I enjoy coming here when I need a break to take my mind on a little mini vacation. Sure enjoy all the neat things everybody shares.So looking forward to spring; hope that helps me get a better perspective on everything. Thanks everybody for being here for everybody. Seems like a lot of us are having a lot of serious issues right now. Hope everything is all right with Candy -- not like her not to have something great to share. Jane, hope you are healing without too much pain. Party, sorry that you are having such health issues too. Keep us updated on what you decide to do. Everybody have a great St Pat day and a great weekend. Hugs and prayers Janet

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Janet..- with all you're going through, you always manage to be so
thoughtful with kind words and prayers for others.
I hope all improves for you too and please know that
I'll keep you in my prayers as well.

Take care..

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That's why this forum is so heart-warming...all the caring comments & good thoughts & prayers that flow across the country to ones who we only know thru the Holiday Forum. Hugs to all, Jeanne S.

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Back At Ya Jeanne !!


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Hi everybody,
I am so sorry that there are so many health problems with our members.
Jane, I hope your surgery went well and that you have a speedy recovery.

Kathleen, It sounds like you had a lovely Birthday and have some new dishes you will be sharing soon. Belated Happy Birthday.

PM, T & P's coming your way for renewed good health.

Creek, T & P's for your Dad.

Bulldinkie, Prayers that a kidney match will be found for you soon, and in the meantime, that your dialysis keeps you as healthy as possible until your kidney turns up.

Janet, I wish you the strength to deal with whatever is on your mind right now.

Sorry I have been MIA. Just been in kind of a funk lately.


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Thankseveryone your kind words help more than you know at a time like this ty

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