Source for replacement cabinet doors for vintage bathroom?

aok27502March 18, 2014

I am renovating my father's house for sale. We have decided that the "vintage" 1963 bathroom with the mint green tile and green fixtures will stay pretty much as is. As the realtor says, "you're either all in or all out." We don't want to do a complete redo, so we'll spruce it up and see what happens.

I need to replace the cabinet doors. They have a diamond shaped metal grill in the middle, which are not in good shape. I would like to replace them with solid doors, without the decoration. I believe they are termed lipped doors (please correct me if I'm wrong.) They are 3/4" thick, and about half of the thickness fits into the hole in the frame. They are and will be painted.

I have looked at Scherr's and Barker cabinets, and the Cabinet Door Shop, and have done a site.ths search on Google for threads with sources. I didn't find much.

I can use partial overlay slab doors if it comes to that, but I am hoping to find the original style to keep the vibe going. If anyone knows where else to look, I'd be most appreciative.

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Conestoga might have something

Here is a link that might be useful: Conestoga

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Do you have a photo? Depending on the grill it might be possible to replace just that, unless of course you would prefer a solid door.

Here's a company that makes custom grilles, for example. It's not cheap, but you wouldn't need much for a vanity. Someone in the kitchens forum used them for kitchen cabinets and was pleased with the quality.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brass grilles shop

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Barkers has a cabinet forum, you might ask there? They do sometimes take a little long to reply.

Here is a link that might be useful: barkers forum

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If I'm understanding what I'm looking at, the very first edge profile on the Conestoga page is the right one. That lip closes against the face frame.

I'd prefer solid doors over replacing the metal mesh. I've never liked it, and it's one of the first things the Realtor grimaced at. If I can't find them to buy, my husband is a woodworker and could crank them out fairly quickly. He doesn't really have time, though, so I'd rather be able to order them.

Thanks for the sources.

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