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marleycat25March 27, 2013

My NXR range is about 18mo old... Both halogen bulbs inside the oven just went out. Sounds suspicious to me..hope there is not something causing a power surge. Can not find any info on replacement bulbs.. Can't find bulbs that match at the local stores.. Duro corp can't even tell me what type of bulb to get. The pins are closer together than the 120volt bulbs that I find. The standard G8 base doesn't fit... Has anyone had to replace theirs? Where did you get them... Hate my dark oven.. Help

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I have a service person coming next week - I can ask.

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Well, this is interesting. Also, kind of disappointing, too.

Just took a look into my DRGB3001 oven and it does not use pin-base bulbs like you said you needed for your stove. Do you have an NRG model?

The bulbs in my DRGB oven are screw-base rather than pin-base. The print on the side of the bulb identifies it as a Phillips 330C 125v 25w Phillips Italy XK5. A quick google search turned up nothing except that it might be an E14 base, if that helps.

When you say you called Duro, I'm assuming that you called the customer support line at 1-877-639-7264. I suggest calling them back and asking them to call the factory and get the replacement light bulb specs and sources.

You also might try calling Adco who has the warranty service contract. Maybe Austex and Dvorson's, too.

Please keep us posted.

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