ball point pen ink on inside of dryer

SylviaJanuary 5, 2005


Someone left a ball point pen in a shirt, it went all the way through the wash and dry. Now the dryer cylinder inside (originally white) has places here and there where there are smears of blue pen ink. I am worried about ruining all our clothes. Is there something that will take it off? I have rubbed and rubbed with soap to no avail.

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Try a solvent ( with a cold dryer that is turned off of course!) like pine sol....or orange glow...If nothing comes off....then don't worry...
Another thing you could do is wash and dry some rags...or a couple of old white towels and see if anything comes off.
Linda C

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try alcohol or acetone on a piece of cotton then wipe with a damp cloth to remove the chemical smell.

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Spray it with hair spray, which melts ball point ink, and then wipe it up right away. Works on the clothes that got marked too. Just fill the washer with soap and warm water, and spray the spots thoroughly with hair spray and drop into the churning washer.

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Sheilajoyce, I used to use alcohol on my phone at work! It always worked at getting off those ink marks!! I had forgotten, thanks!

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One thing, if you use a solvent on the inside of your dryer, don't spray it. Put it on a cloth and rub ONLY the places affected with as little as possible. Then make sure that the solvent is completely cleaned off of the interior of your dryer before you turn it on.

Two reasons, residue will leave a greasy stain on the next load and secondly, that stuff is flammable. You don't need a fire.

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Is injet printer ink like ballpoint ink? Does hair spray get rid of it? I had to take my printer apart because somehow my black cartridge must have leaked inside, and not sure how to clean the dried up ink, it's clogging up the printer so it can't even print now.

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