Greasy Ceiling Fan Blades

Toni_KYJanuary 13, 2003

What is the best way to clean ceiling fan blades that are extremely greasy?

I have been helping my parents clean a now-empty house. There is a white ceiling fan in the kitchen, and the side of the blades that faces the ceiling is nasty! The people who lived in the house weren't very clean people, and apparently everything they cooked, they cooked fried! You should've seen under the burners of the stove....Yick.

Regular Spic & Span type cleansers won't do it. A brillo pad won't do it. Time to haul out the heavy artillery!

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Toni, the site just below your post has the very BEST cleaner for this! I use it all the time for everything, esp those furry, greasy fans!

I half the recipe so I can use clean solution all the time. No need to rinse. And cheap, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: This Will Work!

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Murphy's Oil soap removes oils good. Also the Blue bottle of Windex works great at removing oil build up.
Straight alcohol on a rag will cut grease just fine. I have
used all three on different cleaning jobs. Since your grease sounds bad you might need to use all three.

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Greased Lightening--I got it in a spray bottle at either the hardware store or K Mart.

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Add a few drops of grease acting dish detergent to a bucket of water (dawn?). Also, use a plastic scrubber.

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I second Daisy's recipe or Soft Scrub. Plain dish detergent will not work - believe me.

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I have found that using a miracle cloth really helps clean those greasy areas like fan blades and the top of the refrigerator. I still don't understand it, but it seems to work. Also, scrubbin' bubbles.

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Thanks, Sheila. I was trying to think of the name of that cleaner and all I could think of was "white lightning". Sounds like a song about moonshine, LOL!

That stuff is really good but I must warn you to be careful of what type of wood you put it on. I cleaned my cabinets with it and it took the white paint off in some parts.

Another good cleaner for cutting grease is Mean Green (I buy it at Family Dollar but Wal-mart I believe sells it). It's not as strong as Greased Lightning. I rather buy something in a bottle that works than mix ammonia & all that other stuff. I just had a bad experience once of mixing ammonia and clorox. I was only 17 and nieve, but it nearly burned my eyes out!

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I love my miracle cloths. All you need are a couple and a bit of water. Here's some info

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The 'Complete Mop Set' includes: Telescoping Handle, Pivot Base, Blue Pad for Damp Mopping, White Fluffy Pad for Dusting
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I watched the TV ads for this product many times. The man doing the ad says, "The only product I need in cleaning a house." Be very careful to read the directions! I have to admit I didn't, thinking it was an all purpose cleaner. I used it on the brushed copper colored laminate that I have as a back splash between my counters and cabinet and behind the stove. As soon as I sprayed it on, the finish turned white and although I wiped it off immediately my back splash is marred with white streaks. We have been in touch with the manufacturer, and we may get some satisfaction. However, I expect that we will need to get a new backsplash for over our range. It just looks terrible and dirty. This is a 2 year old major remodeled kitchen. Just be careful and read the label! That is advice I will follow in the future.

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Ammonia water should do it. One thing I would say as someone that has two white wooden fan ceiling fans in her kitchen, is to be careful about abrasives. If those blades are painted and not metal, you can remove paint along with the dirt if you use too much elbow grease or anything too caustic. The fan edges are particularly susceptible to this. And they can stain from greasy dirt, even if you clean them well and often.

I didn't remodel this kitchen this way, it was done three years before we bought this house. Now ten years later, those fan blades look like they need a paint job. WHY put a white fan in a kitchen, that's MY question?? ....sigh...

So for me, some ammonia and water, and a green sponge will do it. Rinse well. Leaving any residue will attract dirt.

Btw, inhaling the fumes from mixing ammonia and bleach can cause dangerously abnormal heart rhythms that can kill you.

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If all else fails, I do believe you can change the fan blades (just the blades, not the housing). Good luck!


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I have a white ceiling fan in the kitchen and the layer of grease on the top surface really showed. I tried the suggestions here with little success. Out of desperation, I tried using a cotton cloth dampened with Odorless Mineral Spirits and it worked like a charm.

BE CAREFUL not to use it on any silkscreened patterns on the blades though because it will remove them as well.

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