quick/light vacuum for rugs/wood?

bebetokidsJanuary 11, 2010

We have a new lab in the house and I have hardwoods and some area rugs. I would like a quick and easy vacuum to take out during the week for the rug debris that the dog/kids drag in and also to pop around the edges of the room for the dog hair that is coming. Cordless/not, bagged/not doesn't matter. Just light and easy. I have a Rainbow that I love but not easy to pop out for just 5/10 minutes!


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My saga on finding such a vacuum is summarized in the thread below on this page titled "Miele floor tool accessory." If your eyes glaze over before you finish reading, the bottom line is that such a machine does not appear to exist.

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I agree. After spending hundreds on cordless vac, broom vacs, etc... -- I agree they are all junk. I too just want to take care of the crumbs my kids leave under the island counter.

Two words -- broom and dustpan.

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I have the Hoover Platinum cordless. Love it, bought 2 more as gifts. The battery will only run 15-20 minutes, but it's enough to do the job I need it for. It also has a 6 year warranty.

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Thanks guys for answering. I kinda got the idea that I was wishing for the moon when I went on Amazon and not one single vacuum had consistent reviews. I'm gonna start at the bottom and work my way up $$ wise. I'm just wondering if manufacturers can't see the goldmine there would be in a light vacuum that actually was good. Sure, I'd pay if it did the job and lasted!

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I have a Bissell 3 way bagless (that's what is on it) that I like, but it'd be nice if it was cordless. It does fill up quickly but it works well for picking up pet hair on my wood floor every couple of days.

I'm so glad that I got rid of carpeting on the first floor, now I can see what normally would have been trapped in the carpet. Ok, so I admit that it wouldn't be trapped if I had vacuumed more often :)

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