Garage sizes?

hedgehoggyFebruary 7, 2011

What size is a good size for a 2 car garage (currently 2 SUV's but maybe switching to a pickup soon)? We will also use this for lots of storage (deep freeze, garbage, recycling, tools, workbench, sports equipment, lawn mowers, etc.). Is 24x21 a good size for such? What size do you have, what do you store and are you happy with the size? Thanks for all help!

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Ours will be 28' X 40' with 12' ceilings. There will be a loft for storage. And enough room for a workshop area. I have absolutely no idea if this is enough for storage. It seems no matter how large our garage is, DH thinks its too small. We are a 2 car family, but live in snow country so need room for the snow blower.

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The only real answer is what suits you.

Nevertheless, I'd say the width is not bad. But since full-size crewcabs are 21 feet long, better to stretch that garage. And don't forget, an eight-foot high door and fully alarmed.

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I know our "standard" 2 car garage is not big enough for our car AND our pick up truck! We park our car in there along with a 4-wheeler. We have some things stored around the sides and there is a small "bump out" in the back but that has a workbench! Not very big :(

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Ours is 36'x26'. Three 10' wide x 8' tall doors. Honestly, for a large pickup 26' doesn't even seem deep enough!!! Don't forget to make it even deeper if you are doing a stairwell.

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Heed Tinycastles warning on stairs, they can render a stall useless.

We have a 25x25 two car with two doors and a third bay seperated that's 11x21. All with 9' wide doors.

With SUVs or pickups, I think 25 is a minimum for depth. We used the 25' width to keep the stairs out of a bay and have a place for a sink. Because we don't plan on having big SUVs (just small ones or a minivan) we put cabinets and shelve at the back of the garage.

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To the OP-I don't even think you're close with that size. Our garage is 26' X 26' and we don't use it for half of what you want to use yours for, and really, it's a 1 car garage with my husband's full-size truck in there. With all you plan on using your garage for (especially the lawn mowers and storage), you really need at least one of the small additional bays. You will not be able to park 2 cars, have storage, shelving, and lawn machinery in a 24' X 21' garage and have it be functional.

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We've lived in many different homes during out 45 year of marriage, and no matter how big the garage, DH always says it's not big enough. Hmmm...anyone else ever hear that?

The garage in our new home will be 40'X 29' with 12' ceilings. There will be a loft area for storage, a utility area with sink, and a stairway down to the basement. We haven't even moved in yet, and he's already talking about building a small barn/shed for "stuff".

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Ours is 26x26 but we only put my vehicle (an Outback) in there. DH has a pickup and doesn't care about putting it in the garage, or doesn't care enough to get rid of some of the crap. We keep 2 lawnmovers, a deep freeze, a snowblower, lots of yard tools and a ton of boxes leftover from the move (which was 5 years ago) in there. If it was organized we could fit 2 vehicles with the other necessary stuff, but it would be tight. I didn't want a 3 car garage (many reasons, not important for this thread). We will likely add a barn later because DH also has a boat and a trailer.

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24 ft is minimum depth I would consider anything more is great. Length is up to you but you should have a minimum of 3 ft on either side of the door(s). Anything more is a bonus. I would also use 9 ft wide single doors or 18 ft wide double doors with trucks/ SUVs and 8 ft tall

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I would say 24 X 24 at a minimum for trucks/SUVs to be able to have space to get around it and have room to open doors and unload the trunk with the garage door closed. Another 2 or 3 feet on each side would be great (an extra bay? whoopee! lol), but anything less and I think you will be sorry!

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DH always says it's not big enough. Hmmm...anyone else ever hear that?

I've lived it for years!

We average 5-6 vehicles for two drivers, plus a trailer and lots of homebuilding tools and supplies. When I was running rental homes, our two and three car garages looked like a used appliance store. Fortunately we're not stuck in some homeowner association Hell that doesn't allow vehicles on the driveway at night.

Ralph Lauren's Garage Photo: Vanity Fair Jan. 2011

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OMG, I see I have two postings. I didn't think the first one posted, everything froze up, and then the window closed. I didn't think it "took". Sorry about that.

Worthy, I've lived in those "covenant" communites, and although I was often grateful for the rules, in some instances it can be a PITA.

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If you are considering a two car I would go 24x24 minimum. I have an oversized three car that is 40ft. wide by 24ft. deep on the two car section and bumps out to 28ft. deep on the 16ft. wide third bay. I can park my extended cab GMC full size truck on the 24ft. deep side with enough room for a small chest freezer in front of it. It's tight but it fits. Definately don't go less than 24ft. deep. I am already planning to add another detached garage ASAP.

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A 6m x 6m x 3m can perfectly fit a double garage for two cars.
Here is one example with several sizes, it also has a floor plan so you can have a better idea. Hope it helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garage types information

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

I'm with chad_m. My GMC crewcab short bed, won't even come close to fitting in our current garage. DH drives a Dodge stretch cab dually. We are bound & determined to be able to park our trucks inside on our new house.
The garage on our future plan is 26 x 38, and we're thinking of making it a little bigger. We have the shop at the other farm, and the barn for other random crap, but after fighting a standard 2 car for 12 years...
I think the garage might be bigger than the house by the time we're done! lol

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Wow these are some large garages. We are planning to build a 2-car 21x25 garage, and compared to our current home that seems big to us!

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Here's a floor plan that my wife and I recently constructed. It works for us and allows us several sq. footage of storage. Plus you could always build a second story if you require more as others have suggested.

If you have time, please take a look at our "Dream Home" plan as we would love to get your opinion on our issue. Please Help Design Our "Dream Home -

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