Chijim, in case you check in today

PurplemoonMarch 31, 2012

Hope you have a Happy Birthday!

Miss you and the pictures of your lovely decor and your sweet furkids.

hugs, Karen

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM, this is a special day. Seems alot of folks have a Birthday today.

My first Great niece has a 6th Birthday today.

Hope you have a great day....


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Thank you - love the Staff Dogs.

Creek - our Mar 31st pack continues on. hehe

Been an interesting time of late, my sister moved in w/me and we've been combining 2 households, because of respective knee/hips/leg problems, things take longer to do like trips to the attic/cellar--and then after some recovery is needed after. Oy!
Still have extra furniture in LR/DR that needs to be moved to attic or sold.
It's working out, the cats & Selena love my sister and she's bonding w/them...BTW, she's allergic to cats but its greatly lesened over the yrs.

One pleasant surprise, the cats are leaving her parrot alone. They did grow up with my deceased parrot so that may have helped.
We were also wondering how her bird would adapt, he's about 30 and its only been her and him for yrs, but all is well there too.
Hope to catch up and start posting more often once things calm down.

Thanks again, Jim

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Happy Birthday Jim...
Hope Your Day Is A Good One...and the Year Ahead >
A Great One For You !


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Jim, always fun to wish others a Happy Birthday. Hope you and DSis get everything organized and share lots of pictures soon. Wonderful to hear all the animals are doing fine. Enjoy your day and keep in touch.

Creek, hope your DGN has a sweet 6th birthday today. The little ones are so cute as this age. Does she live close to you?


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No wonder you & Karen are such good buddies, you share the same birthday. Hope you had lots of goodies & a yummy cake too!

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Jim, I am SO glad to see you post! I remember you saying your sister was going to be moving in and I wondered how that big undertaking was going. What a relief for all of you it pretty much done, the parrot is safe and adjusting to your cats, and your sister's allergies to them are under control. WOW.

Do you still have all the young kitties? I can't believe they aren't interested in the parrot. ;o) Selena is such a gorgeous dog, hope to see more photos of her soon, the sweetness just shines from her!! I fell totally in love the first time you showed her to us.

I don't know how on earth you managed to move another household into yours, with all your fantastic collections! The amount of work must have been mind-boggling, as well as "body-aching".

Take care, and post when you can. Especially with photos!
You always found such great inspiration pictures to share, and of course all of us loved seeing your collections and the fur-kids.

hugs, Karen

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