Fun with Dick and Jane . . . and Gracie, too!

oldalgebraMarch 2, 2012

It's Read Across America Day. I thought I'd share a Beginning Reader Idea.

I hope this is not too Off Topic for you. If anyone feels that I'm branching out too much - if the posts are not closely enough aligned with this forum - don't hesitate to tell me.

The last thing I'd want to do is drive anyone nuts. Really!

This is a book I created over 5 years ago for my first grandchild when she entered kindergarten. It's based on the Dick and Jane series.

Sample pages from the book can be found here.

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OA, love your book! I can see from this that you are not only a Super GMa but must of been an awesome teacher also. What an inspiration to teach your GKids to read.

For you to take the time to make a book is something more than wonderful. So glad you shared another great idea on your bolg.


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Ohhh, OA, you ARE absolutely driving me 'nuts!' ...with your artistic abilities & fun pics! You certainly replicated the Dick & Jane series w/love added! What blessings for your Gr-kids at that time & for those now reading the book! You were way before the time of creating photo books online!

RAMM (Read Across America Day) IS a HOLIDAY (in my book, anyway! (pun intended) Schools around here have begun the RAMM (Read a Million Minutes) & I'm sure there are lots of 'famous' people out today (mayors, police chiefs, athletes, principals, on & on ...out reading Dr Seuss or their fav author in the classrooms!) Thanks for the memories!

Keep sharin! Loving it! Jeanne S.

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Definitely appropriate, and adorable!

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Left a message on your blog, but just have to repeat that you come up with the most wonderful ideas! What a special treasure for your grandkids. Luvs

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Amazing and fabulous as always.
What a special treasure for your grandchildren!
They are so lucky to have you for a grandma!

Oh Look! See what Grandma made! What fun! Fun, fun, fun.
Fun Grandma, lucky Gracie. Fun for everyone.


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How priceless!! You wanta be my GM? I remember Dick and Jane from a few years (decades) ago. Your GKs are so lucky and you are such a talented imaginative lady.

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Its amazing what all goes on in that creative brain of yours, not to mention your artistic talents. You come up with such neat things, and especially where the grandkids are concerned.

hugs, Karen

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OA, What lucky, lucky, lucky grandchildren you have!
This little book is priceless.
I'm sure Gracie will always treasure this book her wonderful Grandma made for her.

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OA...besides being a Super're a 'Super Role Model' as well!
What a great way to introduce reading and make it fun and interesting too.
Lucky GKids to have such a fun and talented GM!
Being a 'Jane', I remember the Dick & Jane series very


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