Construction Specification Template - Must for New Construction

saftgeekFebruary 21, 2013

Hello all,

I wanted to share a link to a fantastic resource for anyone in the process of bidding a new house. This template provides a way to identify things that might otherwise go unmentioned. Filling in the blanks provides detailed information to contractors concerning finish and detailing which should in turn result in a more realistic bid. This is by far the most complete template I've run across.

I have absolutely nothing to do with this website. I am not spamming anyone. I just wanted to pass along a tool to help my fellow GW forum members. It's a pdf and you can just print it out. Good luck everyone! I hope it helps...


Here is a link that might be useful: Construction Specification Template

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The acknowledged standard of the construction industry for specifications is the Construction Specifications Institute,

Spent your time and money there, and forget the rest.

Good luck on your project.

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Didn't find any template at that site Mr. Carter. Not sure what you mean by spend your money there. I posted a link to a 34 page fill-in-the-blank template. Not trying to step on anyone's toes...


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I think it is great Saft! I would love have loved such a list when we were first starting. In fact, I looked and could not find one.

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This is an ok introduction to some decisions that are part of the process of building a home, and can certainly help you avoid allowances--but just know that it doesn't cover everything. Also, you'll have some products named but this template gives no consideration to standards for execution (preparation and how the products are incorporated). Complete specifications would also describe quality control, tolerances, repair/replacement of damaged/defective/poor work, cleaning, among many other things to make sure that you get what you intended--not just that the products you wanted are there, but that it's all put together the way it should be. While you can acheive this without the CSI format, CSI is something that all of the professionals involved in the project should be familiar with. An architect would prepare specifications as part of standard design services.

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I think I must have oversold this. I thought it was rather obvious this is not a means to replace professional guidance in a build. Quite simply, this is a way to compile stacks of information one may acquire while prepping for a build. Yes, an architect will compile this information and add much more as it pertains to form, fit and finish. This is for us poor souls who are building more modest, less complicated, utilitarian shacks without the help of engineers, architects, and rocket scientists. If I could afford it, I would hire someone to sweat the details for me.


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Saft, you make me laugh! I am so excited to live in my utilitarian shack! However, mine was designed by a rocket there's that. I plan to fly my shack to the moon in 2020.

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