Cleaning dog "schmutz" off of furniture

mss103January 29, 2013

I have a 2 YO Lab and a 14 YO Lab. The 14 YO has always done this cat-like thing, wherein she rubs herself along the furniture, leaving behind a swath of oil from her coat. I only have leather or wood furniture, and I've been just using a soapy water solution (Dawn, actually) to clean it. It's not a problem on the wood, but I've noticed that on the leather, it looks as if the color is actually wearing away in areas where it's been repeatedly cleaned. Any suggestions? I always follow up the cleaning of the leather with the application of the conditioner as well.

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Years ago, my Dad always used a product called "Saddle Soap" to clean and condition any leather items. If the leather is worn away, perhaps a shoemaker could give you some suggestions.

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Go to a tack shop (horse supplies) and get some real saddle soap or even a non-glycerine based leather cleaner like Effax LederCombi. The Dawn is stripping the leather and you should never use that harsh detergent on leather!

It's too late to restore the color which was dyed into the top layers of the leather which have worn down, but keeping it well cleaned and conditioned might protect it from future deterioration.

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