18" or 20" high tub for tub/shower combo?

turquoiseblue888March 21, 2014

Hi all - I am remodeling the only bathroom in my house and it will have a tub/shower combo. I don't think I will use the tub very much for actual baths but would like to keep my options open. Does anyone have personal experience with the 18" vs. 20" height question? If I get an 18" inch will it be totally confortable to step over into the shower and will I regret not getting the 20" for the possibility of more comfortable baths (if I so choose)? Or if I get a 20" will I find it annoying to get in and out of and wish I had chosen the 18"? I am a 5'7" woman in her 40's so mobility and height issues are not a factor.

I don't think that anything higher than 20" is feasible for a tub/shower combo and I am not interested in a more expensive tub model that has a bottom lower than than the bathroom floor level.

Thanks for your thoughts

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> I doubt I will use the tub very much for actual baths.

In that case I would get something like the Kohler Villager. Cast iron, will last forever, not expensive, adequate if not lavish for baths, if needed.

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I'm 5'7" and I just measured my lower leg to see if it was 18". It is just under 18". If I were to step over the 18" tub I'd have to get on my tippy toes. If you never take, but the occasional bath, I'd go with the Villager as Writersblock suggests. If you don't like the Villager style, the standard alcove replacement Bellwether has a nice modern look yet is only 14" high like the Villager. Easy to step over, and it can still provide a bath:)

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Keep in mind you don't have mobility issues NOW, but things happen - broken leg, foot, pinched nerves - lots of things that can be short term but give you mobility problems. So if you go deeper (20") I would put a grab bar.

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I'd block for grab bars at the shower, and at the toilet. Be sure to block at the recommended heights and lengths. Take pictures. Even if you don't ever install them, its good to know that you can do so securely.

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FWIW, as per our plumber's advice, DH installed the first layer(s) of plywood subfloor before setting the bathtubs in our bathrooms, and then, laid the final layer(s) of plywood (so that layer runs up to the tub, not underneath it). After the tile floor was installed, the tub ended up being somewhat "sunken" into the floor. This subtle height elevation of the floor does seem to make stepping into/out of the tub a little easier.

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Our master bath tub (separate from the shower) is 20" deep. I think it would be far too deep to climb in and out of it every day for a shower. The tub in our secondary bathroom (tub/shower combination) is 13" deep and is just right for daily showering use.

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Thanks everyone. With your thoughts and other investigation I have determined that 20" is too deep. Going with 18".

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