Helping Sister - Need recommendations for Replacement Tub

raehelenMarch 22, 2014

My sister phoned last night all excited about starting a BR reno. Their house is 30+ years old, and they have done nothing. Hubby is not handy, she will either have to do the work herself or contract it out. She is looking to replace the existing 30 X 60 enameled steel 14" high alcove tub.

She never takes baths, but bathed 4 kids in there, and is thinking that for resale, new owners with kids wouldn't want anything higher than 14". I'm thinking (as a bath lover), that if her tub was more comfortable, ie sloping back, she might actually enjoy taking a bath, and am encouraging her to look for maybe 16" high tubs. Still low enough for adult guests to step in to use as a shower, right?

They are empty nesters who don't use this BR themselves, they are keeping sink, and toilet, just repainting vanity, and replacing counter and mirror, tub and tile. So, not a huge expensive overhaul, more to update and lighten up (it's quite dark in there), and to make resale down the road a little easier. (Who knows, future buyers may totally gut and redo anyways...)

Any suggestions for a relatively inexpensive, comfortable tub? They think they want Acrylic.

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What kind of shape is the tub in? I'm not seeing any big reward in replacement if it isn't bad, but it will cost plenty to replace.

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Good question Trebruchet! Tub is damaged.

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I don't know anything about acrylic. I vote cast iron :) Villager or the builders sized Bellwether, like I have. Sleek plain design.

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I also have a preference for cast iron, but what is "relatively inexpensive"? You may want to look at Sterling, a subsidiary of Kohler, who makes some fairly basic tubs in a material called Vikrel

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I personally also prefer cast iron.

I did "test" out a number of acrylic tubs at Ferguson a few weeks ago and I found a couple of the Mirabelle tubs (Bradenton and Provincetown I believe) to be comfortable although they are both pretty deep. I also liked the shape of the Kohler Devonshire and Bancroft tubs.

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Cast iron is my preference. But it is very heavy. So if she is planning to diy, she will need to plan for some strong helpers for that part of the job.

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Kohler Archer has a lower height for the basin depth because of the overflow. But the Kohler overflow is more expensive.

Jacuzzi Signature has a nice tub with good reviews 60 x 30 with apron.

Pro Flo has a tub with good reviews 60 x 32 with apron. Pro Flo is Ferguson's house brand. Their tubs, including the Mirabelle, are made by Clarke.

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