stain on sheet--need ideas please

darylJanuary 20, 2008


I am a bed and breakfast owner so sheets must be stain free. This particular stain is round one about 3 inches in diameter on a cotton flannel sheet. It is just slightly darker than the sheet which is off white. I've tried everything in my book and it is still there: Zout, peroxide, pouring detergent directly on it, rust remover, perky spotter (for carpets), vinegar, bleach pen, Dawn detergent. Any ideas please?

Thanks so much.


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Oxyclean? Soak for six hours then wash as usual. This gets rust off white denim and ground in mud/grease off of heavy weight cotton. I can't think of a stain it hasn't worked on for me (except a bleach burn, and nothing will remove that).

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Oxyclean was what I was going to suggest as well, although if none of those other products worked, I would not hold out much hope. The water has to be really hot for the Oxyclean to work.

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Nature Bright is the most amazing stain remover I have ever used. (link below) I have removed black permanent marker with it... I was shocked myself when it was removed completely!!! Wet the stain, use a little detergent , add nature bright, work it in, let it sit for a good hour, and wash..also you add it to your wash cycle .. I think this is great to have on hand for your B&B! Let me know if you order it and how it worked!

Here is a link that might be useful: Nature Bright Laundry Booster and Stain Remover

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My son's belt buckle got wet and left horrible rust stains on his shorts. I used lemon juice, salt and sunshine and it removed the stain. It took a few tries but if all else fails this might work.

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I read somewhere about using a combination of Biz bleach ( it is color safe) and Borax to remove old stains. I tried this on my sheets, which had numerous blood spatters from nose bleeds. I put a scoop of each in the washing machine, along with detergent, and hot water. Added the sheets, and let them soak overnight. The remaining spots came out, and also the sheets had gotten kind of yellow. They were back to their white color after another cycle of the soaking. This is now my favorite method of removing stains and yellowing.

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If you don't have luck with some of the other methods, you could try putting the stained sheet outside where it will get full sun for about 6 hours. I've removed many set stains that way.

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Wow, everybody! Thank you all so much. Here in Northern Idaho it will be a while before we have good sun, but I'll try everything else starting tomorrow. You are angels! Blessings to you all!

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Another old timey trick for stubborn stains...seems to work best on fruit stains...
Stretch the stained part over a bowl....wet the stain with lemon juice, sprinkle it with salt and pour boiling water from a height through the cloth, onto the stain and into the bowl.
If it lessens the stain but doesn't entirely remove it, repeat the procedure.
Linda C

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I soak stained items in Arm & Hammer Washing Soda & my regular detergent-absolutely the BEST thing I've ever found! Red sauce, mustard, dried blood; you name it & it gets out every stain except rust- I use Whink for those...and it works on most really old ones. (I love old linens & often buy them at estate sales despite stains.)

Suzi, who's not affiliated with either.

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