Irish Easter??

PurplemoonMarch 9, 2013

Is anyone besides me really bummed about Easter being only 2 wks after St Paddy's? When I think about all my Easter decorations......sigh......there is just no way I want to haul that much out for only 2 wks. (This is NOT the way to get me back into the spirit of decorating!!)

I've really enjoyed looking at my bit of Irish green, but now wonder if I shouldn't have done Easter right along with it! Gotta love hindsight, mine is 20-20!

This made me think of our Kathleen's "Spud", who some of you will remember. He was pretty popular here but think he got banned to her basement.

Meanwhile.....what to do, what to do....
(add my Easter GOLFER Nutcracker to my St Paddy's pair? Stick green ribbons and hats on all my bunny statues? Bang my head against the wall?)

hugs, Karen

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Karen, It is frustrating with St.Patrick's day and Easter so close together this year. I put St. Patrick's Day decs in my TV room [I have fewer of them, so that wasn't a big deal] and Easter things in the rest of the house.
Don't bang your head against the wall. St.Patrick and the Easter bunny will not mind sharing space. Green and pastels look great
Think spring

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Karen, this does stink for those of us who like to decorate for However, I love this vignette your sharing here!


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Nana, I don't want to "think Spring"!! LOL. As I just told Candy in an email......

I don't think Spring fever will do much to motivate me. LOL. Spring in Phoenix means the end of our GOOD weather and the heat on the way. I dislike Spring here, because we don't really have one. "Winter" is so beautiful, and the only time of year I can really say
that for a 'season'. We go from hot for about 7 months, to really nice 4 months... if we're lucky. And the remaining month is usually just too warm.

Speaking of which, that winter storm made it in the 40's yesterday afternoon with a ton of rain....the day before it was 78. Next Friday its supposed to be 90!!!!!!!
I am NOT happy about 90 in March at all, or the 80 last week here. So for me, Spring sucks.
On that cheery note,
hugs, K

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haha! poor Karen, banging her head against the wall. lol! I actually LOVE this side of you where you 'tell it like it is'!!! You sound fiesty! :O)

And, of course, I like the holiday timing this year. I simply CANNOT bring myself to decorate "early" for any holiday. I put up my St Paddy's Day decorations today, and I consider this early. :p I was just thinking of decorating eggs early this year by starting them next week -- and that's only because we may not be here for Easter.

It's been a lot of years since we've had anything that resembles a "normal" spring here. It seems like we now go from winter straight into hot/dry summer (for us), with no cool weather or rain in between. Last year was especially freakish... the 2nd week of March had highs in the upper 70s so all the trees and bulbs budded. The 3rd week of March had highs in the low 20s and all the buds were killed. None of our spring flowering trees bloomed last year. :(

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I'm voting for the green ribbons and hats on the bunnies, LOL.
The one you posted looks quite stylish.
Yup, add the golfer nutcracker to the St. Paddy's pair.

We had several inches of snow today and have had some smaller snow storms lately so I'm going through withdrawal from golf, LOL.

Sorry you don't get to enjoy spring.
Its so "iffy" around here, we never know if it will be 20 degrees or 70 degrees. It actually was in the mid 60's last Thursday and now we have 8" of snow!!

Anyway, I'd let the leprechauns and the bunnies share the space.


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I'm laughing, Karen ...cause you're not under ANOTHEER Winter storm watch for tomorrow & Mon! Get out those ribbons & hats, gal! I love your St. Pats & I'd leave it up for all of March (at least!) I haven't started any Spring decor ...but I'm ready ...melted some snow today ...but can't see much except 'white' out there! Jeanne S. (I'd probably faint for a 70's day!)

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Jeanne....we've had two big winter storms. LOL. Phoenix version anyway. And that is two more than we usually have. When I was younger, I didn't care so much that there are no real seasons here, other than HOT and Nice. But the older I get, I kind of miss having real Springs and Falls. And ONLY those two. I don't want your winter, nor my summer. :o)

Party, I try hard to behave myself here. But I'm afraid the outspoken, opinionated, 'fiesty' side is more true to myself. LOL. Your weather sounds similar to here! Ugh.

I will be wishing for a FAST arrival of Spring for my winter-bound, fed-up, sweet friends....and hope they will forgive me for soon wishing it was NOV here!!!!!

hugs, Karen

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PM, I would guess that our weather isn't TOO similar, but then I've never been west of the Mississippi! lol!

I'm sorry for high-jacking the thread but I want to ask Candy about those withdrawals. :p How long since you've played??? and what kind of play/frequency do you do? We're die-hard golfers here and play lots of charity events (scrambles) so our typical golfing season ends in mid-November, and that's with play on the "nicer" days through Oct/Nov with highs in the upper 40s, not TOO strong of a wind, and not too much rain. :p We got lucky and had an exceptionally warm day the first week of Dec. and were able to play 9 holes. Love doing that when I see snowbanks on the way to the course. lol! Courses usually re-open in April sometime, depending on the snow melt and course wetness. It's early to open in March, but does sometimes happen. :) I finally tried the indoor driving range at the Turning Stone Casino a few weeks ago! nicest indoor range I've been to. We're going again this week! :)

My apologies for taking the tangent on the thread, but it's really Candy's fault for mentioning golf withdrawals! LOL!!!. I've been wanting to talk golf with her for so long, but didn't dare start a new OT thread. :p We will now return to normal programming. lol!

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Well...Irish Easter & Winter golf .... they're similiar topics, aren't they! LOL! Just hoping for some Spring weather soon! Thanks, purplemoon! I'm going to put away my snowmen (porch decor) this week...maybe that will help! ;-) (with 5-8" more snow coming tonight)! Jeanne S.

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Party, I live with an obsessed golfer...and our son Jason is also one. Plus he does a lot of charity events too.
Candy and I tend to mention golf in our emails and sometimes on this Forum. So "hijack" away
on this subject.
As for our weather being that I meant we both have CRAZY stuff. ;o)

Yep Jeanne....Irish Easter and Winter Golf....makes sense to me. LOL
hugs, Karen

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PM, long ago (before forums existed!) there was a news group called that we posted to. They would have regional "meetups" and we joined them once when they met in Pennsylvania for 3 days of golf and fun. It was the equivalent of the bus you all talk about here -- but they actually did it. lol!

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