DCS Wall Oven temperature increments

ribs1March 28, 2012


Planning to buy a DCS WOSU 30 single wall oven.

Just wondering if anyone has any idea about what temperature increments it displays? 5 degrees? 25 degrees?

Any other comments about this oven?


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What do you mean what temperature increments? I have this oven and I really love it. I have not had it a year yet,only 3 months. I love the gliding racks. I am still learning what setting to use for certain things I cook,but so far,so good. Have not used self cleaning yet.

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I mean when you turn up the knob, does read in 1 degree increments, in other words 350, 351, 352 etc. or 5 degree increments 350, 355, 360, or 25 degree increments 350, 375, 400.

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Well when you first turn it on it starts at 80, then it kinda does 10 and 15 and 25, i guess it all depends on how fast you turn. I don't think it does in degree increments of 1.

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What I want to know is, can you set the oven temp at 355?

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I do get Sabbath mode, but temperature can not be set at 355 that I know of.

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I know it's not in increments of 25. If I remember right from when I had Fisher and Paykel ovens, which are the same, I'm pretty sure it was 5 degree increments. (Cassie225, it doesn't matter how fast you turn, it matters to what temps you can fine tune.)

I remember setting mine to 330 and 335, so 355 should be possible. You should be able to contact F&P/DCS to find out for sure, or maybe find a store with one plugged in?

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Thanks for the info so far.
Unfortunately there are no DCS dealers round here. I really want this oven mostly because I like the look of the real knobs and also I have read good reviews (also like seeing this oven every week on the cooks illustrated show)

I did call DCS and the guy didn't seem to understand what I was talking about.
I suppose I could call back again and try to find someone more knowledgable.

I was once a professional bread and pastry baker working for Zingermans in Ann Arbor for many years. I sometimes tweak my temperatures for different breads.

Anyone else know for sure?

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While I can't say for sure, I looked at the user guide and it shows suggested temp settings for various foods and some of them are in 5 degree increments. 350-360, 350-355, 325-330.....that would lead me to believe you can. I would try the customer support line again.

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I am certain as I can be, I adjusted in 5 degree increments, and know I used temps like 330 and 335... I just didn't remember if it would adjust in 1 degree increments. I know that I missed having this ability to fine tune when I got a Monogram oven that adjusted only in 25 degree increments.

The F&Ps were great performing ovens. There just wasn't a good amount of service/support for it in my area.

Another option might be to try their Facebook page, or see if there is a 'contact us' sort of emailing tool on their website.

Here is a link that might be useful: DCS Facebook page

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Thanks for all the replies everyone. I just got confirmation that it's 5 degree increments.
I was watching Americas Test Kitchen tonight and she was roasting chicken in the DCS and they showed her turning up the oven.
My wife thought I was going crazy with excitement. Been trying to figure this out for a while.

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Good sleuthing! ;-)

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Hey, how do you fine tune it,in 5 degree increments. I looked thru the users guide and couldn't fine info. This would make this oven even better. Now I don't have to fry so much,because convection broil is great. Still trying to figure out how to use everything. My daughter just commented on how great the slider racks are,I really like this oven. Just wondering what its gonna do when I self clean. I won't do it on a regular basis.

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All we're talking about is when you set the oven's temp, to turn the knob til it reaches the exact temp you want that's a multiple of 5. Examples: If you want the cookies to brown a little faster, turn the knob to 355 or 360, instead of stopping at 350. Or if the bread is browning too fast, turn it down from 350 to 335.

My Monogram oven only went up in 25 degree increments. I could set it at 350 or at 375, but nowhere in between. The 5-degree adjustments are a great thing to have. My Wolf oven will adjust in 1-degree increments... I can set it at 332 degrees if I want. It's nice, and it's certainly a great oven, but the 5-degree adjustments did well enough. The 25-degree ones did not.

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I have a DCS WOS-130 30" wall oven. It's six years old, and it looks different from the current model. Instead of dial controls, it has an electronic keypad across the top. Because it is so difficult to find reviews about higher-end kitchen appliances, I feel compelled to comment even though my model is older. After a few years of use, my door hinges broke. The door got stuck open and would not close. I got the door fixed and noticed afterwards that during operation the oven light would come on, indicating the door was not fully closed. Soon afterwards the electronic control panel went bad. The technician figured that the seal had failed and allowed escaping heat to fry the electronics above. I spent over $500 on my then 4-year-old oven, replacing the seal, the electronic panel, and both hinges. Two years later, my hinges are broken again. My oven door has been sitting open for three days, and it will be another week before a certified technician can arrive. My husband and I have tried every suggestion in the users manual, to no avail . I hate to write bad reviews, but I wish I'd had information like this when I was deciding on appliances to buy. The oven is good when it works, but it has become a money pit and a maintenance nightmare. It shouldn't be rocket science to figure out how strong door hinges need to be given the weight of the door. Unless they offer a lifetime warranty, I'd look elsewhere.

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