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persimmon3January 14, 2013

i have a dog that sheds. although i brush her every time she goes outside (many times a day!), i still find hair on my floors and it bugs me! luckily i have hardwood floors so it's easy to pickup. i would like a handy mini vacuum or sweeper or something that i could quickly run around the room and pick up hair. have any ideas?

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you may find many solutions on google...

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wouldn't a swiffer duster work well on this?

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The cordless swiffer vacuum works great for dog hair. I have had 2 of these, and both worked great for about a year or so, then start to lose their charge. The one i have now only keeps a charge for about 5 minutes or less.

Looking for an alternative to the swiffer vacuum, I just bought the dirt devil versa. I love it! It is a very light weight corded stick vacuum. It works great on hard floors to pick up hair, crumbs, cereal, kitty litter, etc. You can use it as a floor vacuum, or you can easily change it into a dust buster with a stick or just a dust buster. Best $20 I have spent. I pull it out a few times a day to quickly clean up after my kids, dog, or cats.

Good luck!

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