Vanity drawer cut-out question

beeswax18March 5, 2012

I'm having a vanity built for my very, very small bathroom. It will be a furniture-style vanity on legs. I've seen tons of pictures online (and even at Ikea) of vanities that maximize space by having a cut-around in the top drawer so the drawer will fit around pipes but still function as a drawer.

I showed my cabinetmaker some pictures and he said it's not a good idea because it's too difficult to access the pipes if/when you need to. Instead he's suggesting a false drawer front with hinges.

Anyone have any experience with a cut-around in your vanity drawer? Is my cabinetmaker correct?

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I don't know why he thinks a drawer (1 front but really just 2 side compartments, maybe a small tray in front) would interfere. If it slides in after the sink is installed, it will slide out too to remove completely.

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I just had the plumbers currently working on my bathroom tell me they did exactly that for someone. The person bought a vanity with a bottom drawer and didn't understand their pipes came out of the floor. They cut out the drawer to fit. Obviously it depends on the plumber.

...They tell a lot of stories. Plumbers like to talk! :)

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Take a look at the 2 "washstand" threads - nice drawer modifications shown on both of those, and while the pix only show them partially pulled out, I'm sure they come out all the way. Your drawer may lose more space depending on your sink (big dropin sink might take most of the drawer) but the idea is the same.

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Here are my photos of our vanity conversion. ajsmama, I added the drawer-free interior shots that you asked to see in the other thread.

The photos are from my phone, the lighting is terrible, and it's impossible to get back far enough to show much, but I hope they help.

Here is a link that might be useful: powder room vanity

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I did this in my own master bathroom. I have a pedestal sink top set into the counter top. the bottom of the sink has a bit of a flare to it, so I made the drawer "U" shaped.

Where a normal drawer has four sides, this has eight. I still dovetailed all the joints, I didn't have a trouble with the drawer in terms of making it. Its on drawer slides, it's fully removable, there are no restrictions in terms of accessing the plumbing. There are no stability issues.

It's the top-center drawer in the first photo:

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That's exactly what I was talking about when I said you may have 2 drawers and maybe a front tray with a single face. See, no big deal!

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