Cleaning Glass on Oven Door

jvanniJanuary 4, 2006

Question from a novice: what's the best way to get the baked-in grease off of the glass on the oven door? Oven cleaner didn't make a dent in it. TIA.

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Try a razor in one of those painter's holders so that you do not scratch the glass.

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I use Dawn Power Dissolver on my oven glass - it works very well.

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What is Dawn Power Dissolver? Is it that new dishwashing liquid by Dawn?

I've scoured my oven glass with a paste of baking soda, but it was only partially successful.

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Cameo works great on the oven and the glass, non abrasive.

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What's Cameo?!

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Cameo is a non abrasive cleanser for the new type enameled sinks recomended by American Standard. You can get it at Walmart. Very inexpensive and works great on all kinds of surfaces that may be hard to clean but you don't want a harsh cleaner that might damage the surface or scratch. Has a very light to almost none scent. Very good for cleaning the oven both inside and out. Doesn't have the chemical smell left by some cleaners that can be intensified by heat.

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I've found that oven cleaner varies a lot, so another brand may work radically better than what you're using now. I've used one that sprayed on and wiped off clear several hours later, and yet I used another brand a week later and shifted plenty of dirt.

However, when good oven cleaner alone isn't removing the dirt I use a plastic scouring pad and cream cleaner. For really heavy dirt and grease I prefer thicker products that are more paste like, but they all seem to work well enough.

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You can get Power Disolver in the same section as dish detergent. It comes in a spray botle and is wonderful. Spray the glass and leave the door open so it does not drip. Wipe it off after an hour or so. I have used this stuff to clean my BBQ grill and the oven racks as well.

If you still need to work on the glass, try Mr Clean eraser

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I use cerma brite......the same stuff I use for the glasstop on my range..NJ

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Another Dawn Darling here - it is SO wonderful - use it on any item that has baked grease - casseroles - bottoms of pans - it is cheapest at WalMart, more expensive and sometimes not even available in grocery stores.


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I know this is late but I just did this and it was PERFECT. Already mentioned above. I used a razor blade and thick dawn detergent. Took a couple of minutes and looks brand new.

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A straight razor blade dry works great but takes some elbow grease. Adding a little dishwashing soap helps lubricate the razor blade but that's about it. I used the razor blade and a handheld vacuum cleaner and it looks great.

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Here's what worked for me.....First I used cerama bryte cooktop cleaner. For the stubborn stuff, I used Barkeepers Friend on a folded, slightly dampened paper towel

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Magic Eraser works great on the inside of my oven door.

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Also "Krud Kutter" which is available at Home Depot cleans this fairly well (and lots of other things like paint, etc) and is biodegradable.

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My solution is very simple, but it took a long time to discover it.

I have done something really silly. I forgot some kipper fish in the oven for a couple of hours. When I came back the oven's window was full of brown spots from grease.

I tried all the cleaning products in the house and they didn't work.

I start looking for solutions on the internet.
I found something about cleaning with baking powder. I partially worked (about 50%) but some of the baking powder fell on the floor and destroyed it.

Finnaly I discovered the amazing solution: THE DISHWASHER TABLETS.

The window was wet a little bit. I started rubbing the window with a ECOVER dishwasher tablet and all the spots disappear.

I was really impressed!!!!

Good luck, you guys!

I hope this helps!

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This stove is brand new and I DO NOT WANT THE GLASS SCRATCHED WHATSOEVER. So I would like something that cleans beautifully without this happening. I have tried dishwashing soap and vinegar. Neither worked at all. It is not even that splattered. If anyone has a good cleaning idea please let me know. Thank you....

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I had forgotten about Dawn Power Dissolver for this application. I bet it works great! If you have trouble finding in Walmart in your area (our groceries also quit carrying it) Ace Hardware carries many cleaning products, as well I ordered on-line at I may have also gotten it at the P&G e-shopping web site. Good luck!

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Based on advice here I got Dawn Power Dissolver. Seemed like it worked well then but about a year later did not work. I then used razor blade scraper, more Dawn, and Mr. Clean eraser. That did a pretty good job.

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