Opinions please - Black vanity with white medicine cabinets?

jacdufMarch 12, 2012

Hi All

I've been scouring the web and can't seem to find any pictures of a black vanity with white medicine cabinets. I would go with black, but the only dark ones I can fine are 'Espresso' which are a very dark brown.

Anybody have any pictures of this combo, or seen it somewhere and can offer your thoughts on how it looked? Worst case, I will have to paint them black. I know Restoration Hardware have black, but I'm in Canada and cost is out of my budget.

This is the vanity:



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What if you got white ones and painted them black? I think it would look nice.

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Have you checked on Houzz.com for images of your black and white scheme?

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Thanks for your opinion smcoxl. I think that may be the way to go as I've checked on Houzz (thanks for the suggestion enduring) and haven't seen one sample (which probably tells me something!)

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Not exactly what you are looking for, but might help you visualize...

Oops, thought this was white, but it's silver.

Have you found any medicine cabinets that are mirrored all the way around?

contemporary bathroom design by other metros interior designer Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

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Black and white can look really great together. Although my situation isn't exactly the same, I used black and white in a bathoorm. You can check out pics here; maybe it will help you visualize what black and white look like together...

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to home dec post

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Thanks very much aa62579, the first picture really does help me to visualize that maybe it will look okay.
Andreadeg, thanks for the link to your bathroom. So nice! I think your white-framed mirror looks great with the black vanity.

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