Better Late Than Never....for St Paddy's Day

PurplemoonMarch 13, 2012

I decided to get off the procrastination train and go ahead and get out my St Pat's decorations. It was sort of a Now or Never decison. LOL.

I didn't do much this year since I waited too long, plus I just sort of stuck stuff around without much planning. I only did the bay window, the teacart, and the family-room mantel. Nothing in entry hall, other tables in family-room, nor the grapevine wreath for front porch. (tho "Stoney" got a touch of the green).

I did take a lot of pictures however...18 of em! ;o)

So I am linking to my new album, 2012 holiday decor, I just set up tonight. (and also added in my Valentine's pix you saw here before.)

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: my 2012 Holiday Decor album

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For someone who "just sort of stuck stuff around without much planning," I'd say you did one heck of a job. The bay window looks great. I'd forgotten about your Irish nutcrackers. At first I thought the leprechaun pitcher was a giant mug until I read the explanation.
You put darling little wee men under the cloche. I like how you always put a ribbon around your dog's neck (and the bathroom bunnies, too). I'm going to have to run out and put some ribbon around my metal bird's neck, now that I've seen yours.

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Karen, I'm so happy to see all your beautiful decor. Love all of it! Your cloches are always so sweet. The wall basket is awesome. Bay window, chandy, mantel just gorgeous. Would like to see a close up of that mercury ball in the center!? Really caught my eye.

The wht bunnies and pooch with the ribbon added looks so festive. Neat clover tray. Your rooster is something to crow about too.Nice!

Teegan is adorable with her tray all decorated. Fun little head band too. That little leprechaun better watch out or she might scoop him right up.

I spent alot of time browsing all of the posts on Kathleens blog. So fun here tonight!!! DD, DGD, DS and pooch are coming down to spend the night tomorrow night so I'm up getting all the bedding washed, dried and put back together. The kids are heading to Spokane the following morning. DH has the week off so will get to take DGD to school and pick her up. Life is good.


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I am lovin' that 'squatty' wee one on the right side of your bay window ...& the pretty green vase you used w/arrangement beside him! Sweet! And the 'metal' shamrock garland...I've never seen that so will keep any eye out! (like how you used it up above in window area).

Wow...your fireplace hearth is always a fave of mine to see! Those tall candles w/a bit of shamrock decor & your lovely dog statue w/his bowtie! Love it! & the gold candleholder in the firebox looks awesome! Of course, love all the cloches you fill w/Holiday decor on the mantle...would make an Irish lass proud!

Those Leprechauns in the cloche on the tea cart are delightful!...of good how you've used that tea cart for decor! The wreath added to that wooden rooster & lil' bunnies SHOUT Spring! (I am green w/envy on the whole vignette there, table included!) While I drool, I'll mention those cookie jar bunnies on the counter...sweet w/the added ribbons! Very Springy!

Of course, Ms good to see her again...what a cute placemat with the bunnies ...& she gets a 'wee one' of her own! I looked up Teegan's name & found Teegan is a Cornish girls' name meaning "special thing". In Gaelic its meaning is "little poet" So this holiday certainly fits that you shared Ms Teegan here on the forum! Loved lookin', PM! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Thanks for sharing your St. Patrick's decor, Karen.
I'm so glad you felt up do doing it.
Everything is so bright and cheerful.
I like the ribbons around the dog and bunnies necks too.
Teegan looks like she is having fun!
Did she help you decorate?

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Marlene Kindred

You're so funny....just sort of stuck stuff around! You're kidding, right? LOVE your decorations...the nutcrackers, the rooster and bunnies, the fat leprechaun with the pot of gold! Your cloches are all just beautiful....and Teegan looks ready for a treat. You certainly did a nice job!

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Wow! It all looks wonderful, Karen. You have some really great items to decorate with for St. Pat's. I really love your cloches and cages. Can't help but smile at all the cute little leprechaun guys too. ;o)

I managed to get my outside flag and one little painted plaque hung up! LOL


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PM always makes things look easy, I think!

Good for you, luvs! You may not be posting alot of pics ...but you are such a HUGE inspiration on this forum! Thanks for all your comments for the 'Holidayers' here! Hugs to you & DH! Jeanne S.

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Aww! Jeanne, what a nice thing to say. I've been cleaning and clearing things out. Now have some open shelving in our little shed, so plan to move the Valentines, St. Pat's, Easter, etc. decor over there so the Christmas and Halloween can spread out more in the storage area. That should make it allot easier for me to find my stuff for each holiday so I can participate more again. Right now the storage is so crowded and I don't feel like moving it all to get to stuff in the bins! (Really, it's not just an excuse.) LOL

Love the purple shamrock for Miss Karen, you find the cutest stuff.


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Karen...for someone who 'stuck stuff around', I would say you did quite an impressive job.
Everything looks so festive with lots of attention to
detail! You have so many cute decorations, in fact LOTS of cute decorations! Love your Bay Window with cute
leprechaun nutcrackers - stacked plates and metal garland....your mantel with pretty cloches and garland - all your doggies and rabbits dressed in pretty bows - even your chandy...and Teegan all decked out and ready to celebrate! I can hear the music starting... What time will the Irish Dancers go on? !!


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Karen, wish I had your talent for "just sticking things around" Even with planning mine never look that good. You have a genuine gift for displaying your treasures. Love all your St Pat decorations. That is one holiday that I haven't got much to decorate with yet. I did one little centerpiece, but it wasn't anything great. I have started pulling out a few Easter things though. You
enablers have "helped" me find quite a few cute things for Easter/Spring. If I could just muster up the energy to do anything with what I do have...... Thanks for sharing your lovely things with us, Hugs and prayers, Janet

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