White stains appearing on my black pants after a week in a closet

divandanJanuary 17, 2012

Sorry for the double post - after I posted it in laundry room I realized this one is more appropriate....

Well, weird thing happens - I wash my dark cotton/jean pants, hang them in a closet when completely dry, and after about a week there are white, large stains on them. It doesn't look or smell like a mold, there is air circulating around, and it doesn't happen to my other dark clothing. I use only liquid detergent and liquid soap "nuts". Don't use beach or fabric softener at all and always extra rinse them. I don't dry them in dryer either.

It's very annoying - I fell I wash them more often then I wear them....

I have a brand new washer/dryer - a month old. And I don't see any difference (in this case only)..... :(((

Thanks everyone

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Detergent may not be rinsing out completely.

Try using less detergent and use white vinegar in the rinse dispenser.

Wash pants wrong side out and see if that helps.

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That's an interesting problem. This happens with EVERY piece of dark clothing or just with particular ones? And it always takes a week to show up? How large are these white spots? Are they uniform throughout the garment or just a few locations?

Do you add detergent with water in the machine? Most laundry detergents contain brighteners and other chemicals that can effect the garment if applied directly.

Have you tried a different brand of laundry detergent? Have you contacted the manufacturer of the detergent for any suggestions?

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I think it's excess soap in your laundry. Suggest re-washing them, then add vinegar (white or cider) to the rinse.

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