DIY, Budget Bathroom done in stages?

tracie.erinMarch 15, 2012

Hi All. I am beginning to think about our bathroom remodels. We can see mold under the tub from the basement so it needs to be done, subfloor replaced, etc.

Unfortunately we got in over our head in this fixer-upper, so money is tight. We will also DIY everything except the plumbing and have no idea how long this will take us, so we need to have at least one working tub and shower at all times.

As you can see, they are adjacent to one another. My plan is to do the work in the following stages. DH's concern is by doing this, we won't be able to get at and replace the moldy sub-floor underneath the wall that has the tub and sink on it as it is now. Actually, the wall itself is probably affected as well..

Stage 1 (Current layout):

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Is there any way to do this in stages and on a budget, or do we need to save up and hire someone to do it all at once? If the latter, that would take years.. I think it would be wisest to have this mold issue settled before we have a child in the next year or two.

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Yes it is possible to do this in stages if planned correctly. Stage 1 will have to address all the plumbing issues - where the DWV goes, water supply lines and moldy subfloor in one bathroom.

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I might propose a slightly different process, since you need to have a working shower and toilet (I'm assuming that's what you meant, not shower and tub).

1. Move the toilet in the powder room to its new location.

2. Remove the toilet in the alcove, remove the wall now separating the toilets, close off the wall to the alcove. Install new tub in its intended place.

3. Tear out the remaining tub, remove the sink, fix the moldy wall, replace the sink and tub.

4. Swap the sink and toilet in the 2nd bathroom.

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