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melissa809January 3, 2014

Hello everyone

I have a self cleaning oven. It's 6 years old but I have rarely used it. I'm actually "afraid" to use the self cleaning function.

So, yesterday I used a paste of water and bon Ami to clean up some grease in the oven. I then wiped up the area and used windex on it.

Now I'm reading that using these cleaners may have essentially ruined my oven's self cleaning feature.

Is this true?

Also, the paperwork with my kitchen cabinetry says that the heat from self cleaning an oven may warp the doors and to remove the doors prior to using this feature.

I have no problem unscrewing my doors, but the idea that my cabinets could potentially be damaged makes me even more hesitant to use the self cleaning function.

Any input/advice would be greatly appreciated!


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If you are afraid or have concerns DON'T DO IT.

What faceless strangers say here should not influence your decision to not do it.

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I have used them since they first came out, wouldn't buy a stove without that option. It is a wonderful concept and has never been a problem. I have had a self cleaner which works as you bake and the kind that works when you turn it on. Both have been fine. I paid attention and cut the preset cleaning time to 2 1/2 hours instead of 3 1/2.

I would call the manufacturer to see if you have ruined it before using it. Have the model number handy if you call.

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My better half uses self cleaning ovens as long as I can remember. Never had a problem. And would not buy an oven without that feature.

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The one time I used the self-cleaning option on my oven was also the last time. I'm sure the electric meter had trouble keeping up with all that wasted electricity! We had to open all the windows and get out of the house it was so toxic.

I keep a nonstick ovenliner in the bottom and it catches most drips and is easy to remove, clean, and replace, and that was my inexpensive "fix". If I roast meat I put it in an Oven Bag, so that's another way to keep the oven from getting a lot of splatters.

My new Maytag range has a steam-clean feature. You place 10-oz. of distilled water in the bottom of the oven and the cycle takes 20-minutes at a much lower temperature. I haven't had to use it yet, but that was one of the features that sold me on this model.


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I believe the older self-cleaning ovens were ruined if you used an oven-cleaner (like easy-off). Now they make one specifically for self-cleaning ovens. I doubt if it was ruined by BonAmi, but call their hotline to be sure.

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I ruined my oven by using the self-clean cycle, it fried the control panel. Had to buy a new oven since there was no way knowing what else the high heat damaged.

The self clean cycle had only been used about 3 times before.

I do not plan on using the self clean cycle on the new oven.


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I have a self cleaning oven and I do know from experience that the first time you use the self cleaning cycle, it smells very bad.....need windows and doors open, if possible. After that first smell and works very well. I only clean mine when it is really dirty....maybe twice a year or less.

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Thanks for the replies!

After further thought I have realized that my oven isn't dirty enough to warrant using and possibly taking a chance with the self clean cycle. I think they do mae self cleaning SAFE oven cleaners. I may try this until I have to use the self clean option.


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I have read to be careful in manually cleaning a so called continuous self cleaning oven. I had one like that , and it was awful. I have electric self cleaning ovens with a setting to start the cleaning, and I would never buy anything else. Love them.

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Sheila, I had continuous cleaning oven and missed it when we had to leave it behind when we moved to a new home. I had no problem at all, no smells. I have the reg auto clean now and hate the smell so I don't let it get to dirty before I clean and I cut the cleaning time. I think it is set for 3 hours 30 minutes, I shut it down at 2 and a half hours.

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I wouldn't use it. A self clean oven has a lock so it can't be opened while self clean is in progress, numerous ovens have had the lock fail so the oven can't be opened. Another problem is that it could overheat a thermal fuse. In either case, you run the risk that your oven is out of commission, and an expensive repair bill. I don't think it is worth the risk, especially since you haven't used the self clean function regularly.

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It can be turned off, I turn mine off at 2 and a half hours and the oven is clean. A lot of things are improved after a year or two of problems. I am not one to run down and buy the first ones up for sale, like flat screen TV's or an HE washer. I wait awhile.

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