Bosch NON-venting stackable dryer

mircharneyMarch 19, 2008

NY apmt - don't have the option of venting and have a small space. But I've heard that these take a LONG time to dry things. would love some experiences. thanks MC

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In my experience, the cycle time is indeed very long. I found it best to give up on getting things as dry as you'd get out of a vented dryer (that last bit is what takes forever) and plan on hanging things in the bathroom (or wherever) for a final air dry. But if venting isn't an option, it's the only game in town and much better than nothing if you want to have a dryer. I assume you'd be pairing this with a front load washer, which is a good thing since spin speeds tend to be higher than on top loaders. Think about prioritizing spin effectiveness when choosing a washer - the drier the clothes are when they leave the washer, the shorter your dryer cycle time. I think you'll have better luck getting answers if you asked this on the Laundry Room forum. This forum is generally devoted to everything *except* washers and dryers.

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I have a Bosch Axxis laundry pair with a condenser dryer in a second home (also a condo with no venting options). I've found the condenser dryer to be just as fast and effective at getting a load of laundry dry as the vented dryer in my principal residence. I have no qualms about recommending this condenser dryer. You will love it.

Where people end up with problems getting clothes dry -- is when they go with washer/dryer combination machines. The drying system on the combination machines is totally different from system used in stand-alone condenser dryers, and consequently, the combination machines take forever to dry.

There is a little extra maintenance with a condenser dryer. You periodically have to remove the condenser element (it's behind a little door on the bottom front of the machine) and clean it. This takes about ten minutes and needs to be done after every 40 to 50 loads. It's not at all difficult, but if not done, drying will take longer.

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Take wa8b's word for it. I should have said that it was in fact a combination machine that I used. Call it a combination abomination, something I would never do again.

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