Need 27" Double Oven - Thermador, Viking or Dacor?

renkirshMarch 4, 2013

I need to replace my 27 inch double oven! I am considering the Thermador, Viking or Dacor, but can't seem to get a read on which is the better of the three. All seem to have had their issues. I could use some advice!

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Wolf, Electrolux, Gaggneau.

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WOlf doesn't make a 27" oven.

Thermador has one model , but their oven quality control is shaky. Too many people with problems recently to warrant their price.

Gaggenau only has a 30" double oven.

Their 27" has been discontinued for 10yrs? now so finding a new one lying around will be a snipe hunt.

Viking and Dacor have too much internal trouble to be focused on making quality appliances on a consistent basis, Whirlpool / Frigemore / KitAid are con artists to put it nicely

So, at 27" your "good" choices are Electrolux , Bosch and GE Monogram in no particular order.

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What xedos said. Lot's of love here for the 'Lux, but Bosch is making the oven sales too from what I read. Can't comment on GE Monogram, perhaps real owners will.

Btw, I have 40 year old 24" Thermador double ovens, still working. They are to be replaced by a range to open up the room. Kinda sad, but they are just in the wrong place.

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Wolf and Gaggenau discontinued their 27" ovens about 6 years ago.

If I had to go high-end I would get two single 27" Miele despite their accuracy problems a few years ago.

Miele seems better bet than Dacor, Viking, or Dacor.

But Electrolux seems best bet, made in the USA too.

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May I suggest that you look up the specs for the cavity size for each of the three you mentioned, plus the 27" Bosch 500 series. I don't know about the other three, but I do know that the Bosch has an unusually large oven cavity. I own one and am quite pleased overall. There is a discussion on this page regarding the merits of the Bosch oven if you are interested. Good luck with your selection.

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gal47 - that's a red herring !

So what if if your bosch is .035 cu. ft. larger or smaller than something else - on paper ?

What can you cook in yours that someone with a viking can't ?

The ease of use on the controls and the racking make a bigger real world user difference than does winning the marketing mumbo jumbo spread sheet mine is bigger war.

Big D - WOLF has never had a 27" oven in their lineup. Rumored to be coming but.................

Two single ovens is not practical for replacing a double because of the xtra electric service that will be required.

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Thank you for all of your suggestions!
Someone had recommended buying two single Mieles, but I agree that would be impractical and unduly expensive. (Though I do think they are beautiful.) Wolf does not yet make the 27 inch and they could not give me an idea when it would be available.

How do people like having the automatic recipe settings as an option on the ovens? I've never had it but it seemed like it could be a nice addition.

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