Can BS 15k simmer like an ordinary range?

cottonpennyMarch 7, 2012

All the CC threads got me thinking about simmers!

I think I'm getting a 36" Bluestar rangetop. If I get 6 burners, it comes with 2x22k, 3x15k, and 1x8k simmer.

I sometimes have two things going at a low temp. But typically not super low (my basic Frigidaire seems to handle it fine without burning). I don't think I'd have more than 2 things going that require 22k.

So should that standard configuration be fine? Or would it be better to have 2x15k and 2x8k instead of 3x15k and 1x8k?

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Why not just have a mix of 22K and 8K (which is what many people seem to want the CC to have)? In an earlier thread when I asked this specific question, no-one could explain what the value of the 15K is compared to the 22K, but maybe people's thinking has evolved further since then.

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I am going to do a custom configuration and I asked the Bluestar Regional Rep about knocking off one more burner for simmer but after cooking on the range, I don't think you need to do that. The rep here actually talked me into upping one 15K to 22K. His can always turn it down but you can't turn a 8K or 15K up to 22K. I don't have my confiuration with me but can update what we decided to do tomorrow. I have already made a change though - going with a grill and griddle vs. the 24 inch griddle. I wanted both after feedback here.

I think it really depends on how you cook. I did not see any issue while cooking on the 8, 15 and 22 burners during my session.

Although a bit small, the broiler was amazing - really amazing.

Are you able to test drive it?


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Hi cottonpenny,

The 15K burner is what I use most for simmering large pots of stock. I like that is has a nice low setting AND the star pattern. The simmer burner's narrow circle is good for smaller pots and lower heat needs.

It's also good to have the 2 15K BTU burners front to back so you can use a griddle across two common burners. You could switch them all to 22K but I find the 15K BTU burner to be perfect for that use.

I'd leave them as is on the 36".


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I agree with stooxie. I won't repeat what he said but I agree with all his points.

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I'd take the guys advice....I only used the range for 4 hours. They have lots more time behind the burners than I do.


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I've got a 36" 6 burner with the standard configuration and wouldn't change it.

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