Bunnies and Birds Spring Table

phonegirlMarch 27, 2011

It was a beautiful day, hit 54 with sun early this morning.WooHoo Set a spring bunny and bird table. Most of the items on this table were clearance items from TJ Maxx and Michaels.

Plates were on clearance at TJ Maxx for $1.

Bunnies were clearance at TJ Maxx for $10.

I bought the Bird Cage for DS's home if he wants it but decided to use it before I offer it to him. It was $24.99.

White Birds were clearance at Michaels for $3.49 & $2.49.

Votives were clearance at Michaels for .50.

The little lime green bird on the top of birdcage was $1 at Michaels. They also have these little clip on birds in Purple and blue. I also bought a paper mache bird for a $1 that is kinda neat if any of you want to check them out.

Candle stands the white birds are sitting on were reg. price $12.99 and on clearance for $1.29.

Little candles were .50 at Michaels.

Small green glasses and table runner were from GW.

Place mats were BDay gifts from family. I showed the red ones in a ts before.

Used DM napkins that I just recently found.

Hope I covered everything on here. Time to head to bed.


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WOW, Punk...VERY pretty! Love those big bunnies you found, and great price on them. I would have trouble letting that birdcage go, glad you are using it first. LOL. I can't imagine your DS turning that down.

hugs, Karen

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Nice and springy, love the bird cage arrangement. Green and white looks so nice, and love those GW green glasses.


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Very, Very pretty table Punk.
It's even better when everything is a bargain Isn't it? Your DS will like the bird cage If he gets it LOL.
I REALLY love those large bunnies, they can hop on over to my house anytime!

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Punk...quite a table with all your wonderful buys.
Love those big bunnies too and that bird cage -
Would NOT leave my home!! lol
Great buy on those dishes from TJM...I think I have the same green glasses as you from GW! NIce job on everything.

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Ok, punk, you sure got me lovin' this t'scape! Love nature's colors ...the white t'cloth, the browns & the greens! Beautiful combination & here you have another set of those crocheted (or crocheted looking, I can't remember) placemats...whatever, they look great under your stacked plates. Flatware...another match! Hobnail glasses (I think that's what they're called?)...beautiful & tall glasses, too!

And then the centerpc...wow, you've even co-ordinated the little mats (napkins?) under the candles to go with that lovely 3 candle pc that was your Mom's (I think)?
When I saw your first pic, my 1st thought was everything in your centerpc was so "balanced" ... the chocolate bunnies, the birds, the sets of candles/holders, flowers/vases, etc. This table would be beautiful with just ONE of each, I thought...but then you went & DOUBLED the pieces & it is has DOUBLE impact! LOve, love the birdcage! TFS, punk! Jeanne S. (oh yeah, & great bargain $$$)!

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Karen, the lg bunnies aren't cute but I was thrilled to find them at that price. DS was down for dinner tonight and I forgot to ask if he'd like the BC. I had so much fun playing with his little yorkie.

Pat, thanks for the comments on the birdcage and green and white table. Now looking at it I should of placed a smaller white plate on top.

Nana, I love finding great buys on things. They only had 2 bunnies or some might of hopped on over to your house.

Jane, the bird cage is so large and I have the perfect place in DS's home for it. Who knows he may not want it. He's pretty picky about how his home's decorated.

I snatched those plates up quick when I seen the price. Wish they would of had more of the others. I got 2 lg white plates for $1 too.

Jeanne, the candles came with those little matching papers under them. You ladies are making me think I should rethink giving the bird cage to DS.LOL How would you decorate it?

Thanks so much for all your comments on this table. I added a white plate on top. What do you all think? I think it looks better.


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Punk..I like the addition of the white plates...makes the pretty design on the other plate stand out more.
Each place setting now, with the place mat.. looks like a pretty flower!
I'm sure you'd come up with LOTS of ideas for that Birdcage...so many possibilities and with your creativity...that shouldn't be a problem at all...


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The little white plates are perfect. And yep, you just made some "plate flowers"! Really pretty.

hugs, Karen

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I like the addition of the white plates too!

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It was lovely before, but you are right, the white plates pull that color all the way through the tablescape. I really like those cute plates you found and at such a great price. The birdcage is lovely just the way you have it decorated now. The big bunnies really anchor the whole centerpiece. At first, I thought the cp was on a long mirror, then realized it was a runner. It's a very pretty table Punk, nicely done.


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Marlene Kindred

Lovely table Punk! Such soothing colors and I love the birdcage and white birds! Very elegant looking! The "chocolate" bunnies are very pretty and I also love the $1 plates....very lucky find!

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I love this table, the brown bunnies are super and they are great with the green. My very favorite thing on the table are the place mats, they are beautiful! The green plates are really nice too.

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Jane, Karen and Nana, thanks for the comments on the white plates I added. I don't know why I didn't add them before.

Luvs, wouldn't a long mirror be lovely? I think some of the full length ones would work don't you? They seem to be getting smaller all the time. So glad you brought up the idea of a mirror. I forget how lovely they look on a ts.

Marlene, so glad you enjoyed this table. I enjoyed putting it together with the color combo.

Frou, the place mats are fun for a change. I loved getting these for my BDay last year. DD has great taste but no desire to do ts yet.

Thanks for the comments. DH just painted me some hot pink, baby blue and gold sparkle chargers so I need to get to thinking how I can use them on a table. I had bought the gold paint at Michaels to use for Christmas crafts but he didn't know this.


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