Mr. Clean Magic sponge

littlebug5January 21, 2007

Anybody use these? Some friends were raving about theirs so I got one, but I don't think I like it. It seems to leave some kind of film. What do you use yours for?

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I just used one to remove the permanent ink that someone scribbled on a used laptop computer that a friend just bought. They clean leather athletic shoes. I've used one to clean the white textured refrigerator doors that nothing else would touch. I've found them to be really strange...they will clean the strangest things that nothing else will clean(like sharpy ink) but then on some stuff they do nothing. It will be interesting to see what people have found to clean with these.

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I use mine to wipe latex-painted walls. They get off grubby finger marks around switchplates and doorknobs,but they don't remove the paint.

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I just tried mine yesterday, on my textured glass shower doors, that had soap scum that nothing would remove. They worked beautifully! I have tried every kind of soap scum remover before, even with scotch-brite pads: but these were the best. I have carpal tunnel syndrome and can wipe but not bear down and put pressure on my hands. These took almost no pressure to work; just repetition.

I think they have a kind of micro-abrasive in them: I saw a powdery film on the glass. I rinsed continually while using them, which was easy considering I was in the shower. I'd have to keep that in mind when using them elsewhere. I have marks on paint I'll try them on next: will just wipe down with a wet rag afterward. It does say on the package to avoid high-gloss surfaces: that means an abrasive to me.

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You have to be very, very carefull with these because they are abrasive and can cause a lot of damage. It you wouldn't use 0000 steel wool on a surface don't use these.

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They do take pen off of walls, but you have to be careful. I used mine on latex paint and it did take some of the paint off. Also, I used it on wood to take off highlighter that my son colored the table with. Fortunately it worked BUT it took the sheen right off the table and made my hands feel AWFUL. I have a great degreaser for marker on the table now (if it ever happens again). It is Zep commercial citrus cleaner--works great! Other than those items, I haven't used it on anything else because I am not a huge fan of them.

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!! They have cleaned so many things I had given up on. i.e. our outdoor patio furniture that has that powder coating of paint or whatever, also plastic outdoor furniture, my wooden stair rail that the previous owner had black scuff marks on, our ceiling that I thought I'd have to repaint,,got it clean, my silgranit white sink that I was beginning to turn sour on since no amount of scrubbing/chemicals would get it truly white again, crayon off of painted walls, I had some placemats that had pretty prints on them that were a textured plastic that wouldn't come truly clean and one had the picture taken off when I used comet to clean it and w/just water and the sponge you wouldn't not believe how much dirt came off, the textured handles on my white frig and the list goes on. Yes, I do think there is some sort of super mild abrasive that you should rub to hard on but most of the time mine works fine with just water. My husband is skeptical of everything and even he's sold and he's a chemical engineer! I've been so impressed I've given a couple to friends to get them to try it and they've like it as well. So it gets my vote hands down.

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I believe they are made with formaldahyde and the film is from the sponge disolving. I use them, but not for just everything. They work exceptionally well on white plastic things like my fridge and toaster. They grab the grease on my old range.

I have found they remove the paint and definately any shiny finish. I found they would remove the permanent marker from our hot water heater when nothing else would touch it. Great for crayon removal.

Like many cleaners, they have their use. I just try to use the sparingly.


Here is a link that might be useful: Chemical make-up of Mr. Clean Magic Sponges

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Is there a linky? When I click on what you posted I get a window saying it is a pdf thing and I do not know how to use those.

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These are absolute magic! My kid hit the walls with sharpies the other day and I was astounded that it came off. I had to get to it quickly, but it still worked.

I agree with one of the previous posts about being careful when choosing surfaces. It's not *actually* magic! There's some fine abrasive, so be very careful.


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I got some hair color on a stained door and could not for the life of me get it off. After it had been there about a year, I use the magic sponge and it came off. I was impressed to say the least.

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The Magic Erasers are made out of melamine foam.

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Not according to the manufacturer's list, unless that's just another name for formaldehyde.

Bud, you need adobe to read a PDF. You can download it for free. Pretty useful little program.

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According to Wikipedia Melamine foam is chemically Formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer.

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It wipes soap scum and rust stains off my mother-in-law's 30yo shower surround. There was probably 15 years of rust there and it wiped off with minimal scrubbing. Unfortunately it can't be used on the textured fiberglass shower floor since the texture just tears it apart... if it could do that it really would be magic!

Great for black shoe scuffs on the floor. Can take small paint splatters off of tile. Got 40yo ceramic sink to "look" clean when even bleach couldn't (the sink was actually clean, just looked nasty prior to the eraser).

Do I use it every day? No.
Is it a handy thing to have for odd-ball cleaning jobs and tough spots? Yes.

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I have used the magic erasers on textured fiberglass shower floors. It does tear them up a bit, but sure works.

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We had some scratches in the finish of our hardwood floors but no budget to re-finish anytime soon. I used some lemon oil and a mr. clean sponge and kinda buffed out the scratches. It isn't perfect, but it sure makes them blend in better. The house is kinda new to us - so there are small imperfections everywhere- I am just working my way around the house buffing out the small scratches in the floor.

2 thumbs up on the Mr Clean Smonges for me. Working Magic on my floors.

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I use one to clean my glass shower doors. I keep it fairly damp, almost dripping, and wipe then follow with drying the residue off using a dry clean towel. It really is magic-gets the glass sparkling clean so easily. I also use the sponge as a final step in cleaning my bathtub-after using Comet/bleach solution to disinfect and get rid of the worst crud I wipe with the sponge and always get a bit more grunge out. Leaves the bathtub sparkling.

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My favorite thing to use for the tub!

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A gross story. If you get upset about bodily functions, you might want to skip my post...

A while back, someone, Iwas not sure who, but I suspected, was wiping boogers on the walls, in the bathroom by the toilet, in the den on the door frame, and finally, confirming my suspicions, on the wall by his bed. After the obligatory lectures, and "motherly looks", I had him help me clean it off. It was difficult and involved either soaking them for a while to soften, or chiseling them off the wall.

I thought to use the magic sponges, and they made it so much easier! I didn't tell him though. I made him clean the bathroom the hard way. I have seen nary a booger on the wall since.

Boys... *mandatory eye-rolling here*

Now, someone remind me why I had kids...? lol

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Original poster here.

Gee, sunnyco, I laughed and laughed at your post. I can see a new advertising campaign now for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers -- Erase those boogers now! No scrubbing! (Oh, by the way: two boys here, been there, done that!)

Thanks so much to those who suggested using it on textured shower doors -- you're right!!! I really hate to tell you how long it's been since my shower doors have been this clean. The sponge worked just great on soap buildup. I'm really really glad I posted this question, cause it never occurred to me to use the eraser in the bathroom! (duh!)

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LOL...boogers! Mom of two boys and both of them did that same nasty thing at about 4 or 5! I love the sponges! The first time I used them I was so amazed I walked around the house looking for spots on the walls and doors so I could clean some more with them! Boys are grown, no more boogers!

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they worked on our fiberglass shower inserts at our last house. cleaned them shiny and new.

they're also great for getting scuff marks off floors.

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wanted to add that I keep them far, far away from my dogs and cat, wet or dry. the chemicals in them are deadly to animals.

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They work great on fiberglass boats. Watch out, though, they are abrasive, as mentioned earlier. There is no free lunch, it seems. They also work excellent on scuffs on baseboards, etc, esp. enamel paint. Not so good on latex.

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I stopped using them when I saw it was stripping the blue paint off my cupboards. If they can remove permanent marker, they can remove paint.

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Just found out today...Mr. Clean Magic Eraser now has a mop version, handle and all! After it wears away, you just replace it as you would replace a mop head. This is perfect for those of us with tile floors or laminate! It would probably remove splatters and dried spills wonderfully, but the only downside I can see about it is having that "film" on my floors and needing to find a way to wipe it up. I don't know, I still like to disinfect my floors with pine sol or something like that, but it would be good to use in the kitchen area and nook area as a spot cleaner where spills and splats are common.

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I clean the brown stains inside our coffee carafe. They just wipe out. I thought we had a tinted carafe but I guess not.

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"Formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite"

Its the sodium bisulfite (that is, a cousin of sodium carbonate - baking soda) that is doing the cleaning. Nothing magic about it.

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Make sure not to use these on your faucets. The shiny plated finishes like chrome or others would be easily scratched. It says on the box, not to use on chrome, but who saves the box? They have made cleaning the bathroom sinks very easy but I am careful to avoid the pop-up and its ring, and not to run them over the faucet. I did use them on the brushed aluminum frame of our shower door, but that was a brushed finish, and not plated.

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...along with all the above mentioned uses, I love mine on my flat top range! Ours is an older cook-top, and I've been instructed to use this ceramic-type cream. No more! I just rub the cooked-on gunk with the dampened eraser and truly, like magic, it's gone!

I like it on my cabinet faces, too, where I find some grease spots that don't want to come off with even 409, etc.

And I've not noticed any scratches on my bathroom fixtures...I'll watch carefully, but so far, they're great!!!

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Just caught sight of this subject on the front page, and want to add that ROSEMARYTHYME on the Staine Glass/Mosaic side recently discovered it is the ONLY thing that w/take GE Silicon II off our mosaics - other than using the razor blade and our nails. Oh I WISH we could find a solvent for GE II

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Wash my truck with them. Cleans right down to the paint and will scratch if used to hard. Now after a wax job my 11 year old truck looks almost new.

: )
m & l

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If you have acrylic/gel nails be sure to wear gloves.
I stupidly scrubbed my white floor tiles with the magic sponge without using gloves; it melted several of my fake fingernails. But my tiles are beautiful!

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hello all
heres one for the books,my sister told me and l saw it with my own eyes.Using an extra strenght magic sponge you can get the black grin off the rim of your pool liner(ya know the black scum your suppose to use those scrubbies on,with light pressure (while in the pool)it all came off easy as pie!
Sure made short work when opening up the pool in the spring.

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I used it on the leather interier door handles, lid to the cd/movie compartment, steering wheel, bad areas on the seats and scuff panels in my husbands SUV that were filthy. The filth came off, but left the leather dryed out & dull, so I rubbed in some lanolin leather conditioner and it's like new.

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I used these on an old stove. They worked SO WELL!! I had tried everything to clean the greasy grime off of this stove, over a period of TWO YEARS!!! Finally, I gave these a shot (wish I had tried sooner :). IT took me an hour, but my stove now looks brand new! Awesome, love it!! Christy :)

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I would be wary of anything that uses formaldehyde, but like most 'miracle cleaners' the old-fashioned remedies still work the best.

Here in Australia, we use Eucalyptus Oil - not only doesn't scratch, but leaves a great smell - one of it's uses is as a room freshener. Probably not available in the US ?

Here is a link that might be useful: Eucalyptus Spray / Oil

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here in the usa we have Odo ban with the Eucalyptus in it!
Works great.

Here is a link that might be useful: Odo ban

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I had tried everything to remove the discoloration around the burners on our gas cooktop. Later, I read on the box that you're not supposed to use on stainless, but they really did the trick. Use light pressure and go with the direction of the brushed surface. Probably not good for shiney metal surfaces.

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I checked Lucy's posted website. Yep, same 'magic' ingredient - eucalyptus oil - and it's a 'green' product. We need to stay away from some of those 'toxic' products that promote themselves as 'safe' until they break down, and then are more toxic than the original. Everything you use - and throw away - has to be thought about, if we want to make this planet safe for the future generations.

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Usually, I use my magic eraser until there is nothing left. I've literally had the last of the magic eraser under my thumb, until it is too small to work with. Plus, I recycle the box!!

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Tell the guys with the white lettering on their tires that the sponge is great for this, other than that I find them expensive to fall apart like they do

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The only bad thing about eucalyptus is that it's very offensive to cats and dogs. People with pets need to be careful about citrus, eucalyptus and other very strong cleaners, etc. Some can actually burn the lining of a cat's respiratory system. Moth balls can be toxic if the fumes are breathed in by cats.

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These sponges are fabulous...especially for cleaning shower glass doors and tubs without scratching. Avoid using on flat paint...paint will dull in the area sponge used on.

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When we were selling our house last year I used the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to clean the vinyl siding on the north side of the house. I made sure it was dripping wet and followed up with a damp clean cloth. The vinyl looked brand new!

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Best thing since sliced bread, gets up the dark marks from my kitchen chairs. Love, love, love em.

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Love it, love it love it! I've been using them ever since they were first introduced. I've tried the knock off brands and found that they just don't work as well. One place I use mine, that hasn't been mentioned, is on stains on my carpet. I have a light beige berber carpet that shows any stain that happens. A couple of swipes with the Magic Sponge and they're gone.

I buy a lot of toys at garage sales. Many of them have marks on them. The Magic Sponge makes them look like new. Yes, I wash them well after using the sponge!

I work with stained glass and use a black marking pen to mark the pattern on the glass. The Magic Sponge takes the marks off with ease.


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I've used them a lot. And just because I was curious, they are really good for removing callouses on your feet, but not so good for a facial sponge. Don't even ask how I found out this info!!

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Hi there. Do you think it would work to remove a bit of the color from black grout? Our contractor put in a vertical accent area of black tiles, surrounded by the white tiles, and got a bit careless. Some of the black went a bit too far into the white grout. Do you think it would bleach it back, or lighten it?

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Great product. Cleans the inside of cups with heavy coffee and tea stains that have built up due to nothing else being capabile of removing them. They do seem a bit fragile and self destruct after a short time but that is offset by how well they work. Just guessing but it would seem that grout would tear the snookers out of 'em. It would be nice if they were a bit less costly or lasted a bit longer. I use the tiny pieces until there is nothing left to grab ahold of. Interesting about the mop as is all the information in this thread. Thank you.

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Well someone stop me if I'm wrong but I keep hearing that people seem upset because they "go away" but isn't the sponge itself part of the chemicals that do the cleaning? But they are awfully expensive for no longer then they last!

BTW....cut them in half, they last longer...that is if you are cleaning a small area.

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We have one of the 'new build' homes where EVERYTHING is white. (sigh) There are scuff marks on doors/wood trim that I couldn't get off to save my life. Couldn't paint over the scuff marks either. (don't know why paint won't stick, but it doesn't) Enter Magic Eraser. My doors, trim, walls are slowly, day by day, becoming white again! Yeah, I have to use a gentle touch as I don't want to damage the paint. But at least now I can repaint and it will take the paint!!!

Our tub has a textured floor and after 8 years of showers it was disgusting. (didn't matter how often I tried to clean it - even soaked it with bleach a couple of times) One pass with the Magic Sponge and I could see bright white tub again. Granted, it took two sponges to get it all clean since the texture 'ate' the sponge really fast. But I have a nice, good as new, tub now.

LOL @ the boogers story. my son is only 2, so I'm sure I have tales like that in my future. (yuck!)

Side note - I've not found a difference in the name brand vs generic. I've tried the generic from Wal-Mart and Target and both seem to work as well as Mr Clean.

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I love these things. My very favorite usage so far: If you use self-tanner and get blotchy spots, the magic eraser will even you out. Love it.

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silvergypsy - That's too funny. I think you should get the prize for the most inventive way to use them.

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Thank you, I never thought to use them on my textured shower doors!

I have been using them on my white plastic kitchen appliances, fridge, toaster oven, microwave and dish washer. They cleaned them like nothing else I've ever tried. Well, like magic. LOL

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linnea56, for the faucets, I've found nothing that works as *amazingly* well as Flitz. Available at Ace. Recommended on the Kitchen Forum.

Back on "topic": I finally clicked on this thread because we used a Target magic sponge yesterday on a papier-mache earth model my 9 y.o. daughter made--she put the tropics of cancer and capricorn WAY too close to the poles, with *sharpie*. I said nothing but magic will get that out, I'm afraid" and she literally trotted over to the sink door, got out a sponge and said "let's try the magic sponge then" and don't you know, the sharpie came right off.

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I use mine for cleaning my fridge, and misc. "difficult" stains. With kids and markers they were wonderful, and it cleans the dirt from the doors around the knobs, and the walls around the light switches.

However there are a few things I won't use it for again. The front of my black dishwasher had a smudge on it and since I was cleaning the stubborn stains on my white cuppords with the eraser, I would clean the dishwasher also. It left such a smeared, MESS!! I learned what not to use it for.

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I used mine to get up little spilled dots of latex paint from my brand new carpet. It worked like...magic! So much fun that my 11 year old son wanted to finish the job for me. I said, "SURE! Go ahead!"

But, I tried to erase OLD permament marker from my painted trim, and it did nothing.

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Has anyone tried these on stainless steel? My dishwasher was a "scratch & dent" deal because of a stain that runs down the middle of the whole length of the door.

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After reading all these posts, I went out and bought the new Mr. Clean extra strength Magic Sponge. I've used it on the shower doors with much success. It made for easy work and my shower doors look great. Thanks for all the tips!!

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Has anyone actually read the MSDS sheet that was linked to earlier in this thread? Besides formaldehyde, this thing contains cyanide (rather, it appears to break down into hydrogen cyanide). Whatever that is, it's not going into my coffee pot.

According to the MSDS sheet, skin contact calls for 15 minutes of washing with soap and water. It is also advised to keep this out of water supplies and sewers. I wonder how one is to wash it off, then.

I found that it does not clean outdoor plastic furniture. While it's come in handy for some very stubborn stuff, I find this too creepy to use all the time. Nothing wrong with applying a little elbow grease to those shower doors.

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OP: I think the reason Mr. Clean came out w/the erasers w/the blue side on them was to wipe back over a surface and remove the film left behind.
Donnap99: I believe the box says not to use on SS, but I have a satin finish Kindred sink, and nothing cleans it and makes it shine like the Magic Eraser.

Needless to say, I LURVE them!

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It really does work! I love this thing. Don't get the cheap version though - get the really Mr. Clean!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Its Crazy Delicious

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I haven't laughed so hard in days! The mental images that boogers, "tinted" coffe carafe, melted fingernails, self- tanner blotch removal conjured up are too funny! The suggestion to use it on mosaics is good. I think I'll try it on some bowling balls to remove the wax and oils.
I was more than a little concerned with the use it on your body suggestion.....not a good idea.
I had noticed these "sponges" at the store and wondered about them and now I know!
Thanks for the chuckles.

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Has anyone ever used these on a the ceramic-glass cooktops. I don't have one yet, but heard they are hard to clean. Would the magic erasers clean the glass like they do shower doors or would the ceramic and often-time little pattern they put in the glass get scratched? Just curious if anyone know. Either way it's on my next grocery store list with so many uses. Thanks

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I just bought an old wooden picture frame at a garage sale with a linen or canvas off white mat. The wood cleaned up easily but I am nervous about the built in mat or border.
Has anyone used the sponge on anything like that? Thanks!

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They work but have known carcinogens in them. I would be careful to wear rubber gloves when using them, and NOT in the shower where you are likely to breathe in air borne particulates. You have to be very careful of the surface you use them on as they are quite abraisive.

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One use not listed yet is to clean the starch build up off of your iron. It takes that brown mess right off! I use mine on faucets lightly and have never noticed any scratches--I think you'd have to use a lot of pressure to have noticeable scratches. I am so excited to get the mop someone mentioned!! Swiffers just don't get all that sticks to tile!

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How do I always end up here? I was googling something (not Mr Clean) and one of the results was this thread. Interesting how often these forums show up.

Nice to see other people who know about MSDS's.

Eucalyptus oil is fantastic. It did leave a pale patch on a timber laminated shelf which DH attacked with a little too much vigour. But on other occasions, for example when he's used it to remove paint spatters on timber, it's been fine.

Didn't know about pets. Thanks for the warning.

Just wondering if eucy oil is the main active ingredient in OdoBan. Years ago when citrus oil was the big new environmentally friendly thing I tried to buy a cleaner and found most in the supermarkets had the usual ingredients anyway with just a token bit of the citrus oil added.

For coffee and tea stains in cups I read about bicarb years ago.

Back to what I was doing.

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I've had great results using them on my plastic chairs outdoors. I've had these chairs for over 10 years leave them out in all weather and was looking bad 2 years ago. Even went so far as to make covers for them that I had to bring in in bad weather. Try the Mr. Clean Magic sponge on them and they look great. Off the covers stayed. You do have to apply pressure but no problem there for me.


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